Robbo Shaw

Jake Ryan

Ryan “Robbo” Shaw (2017-present)
Jake Ryan
Episodes: 6701-present

Date of Birth: 4th September 1983

Marital Status: Lauren Shaw (20??-2015, deceased)
Children: Sophia & Lucas Shaw (both deceased)

Occupation: Federal Police Officer; Odd-job man

Robbo was first glimpsed at the end of Episode 6700, watching Alf, Justin and Scarlett as they arrived at a remote cove for a fishing trip. Having been living rough there, he damaged their boat during an attempt to hotwire it, causing them to stay the night, then attacked Alf and stole his knife, stowing away on the boat for the trip back. He spent a few days hiding on the boat and stealing food from the Diner before being discovered by Alf, causing him to flee. He followed Alf home and confronted him, at which point it turned out he had amnesia and couldn’t remember anything before the cove. Alf and Kat talked him down and he was taken to hospital, where the nurses dubbed him Robbo after Robinson Crusoe. He was found to have a bump on the head and was diagnosed with post-traumatic amnesia. He felt he knew Kat but she had no recollection of him.

He was discharged once there was nothing physically wrong with him and Alf let him stay in a caravan, giving him odd jobs around the caravan park to pay his way. He apologised to Scarlett for scaring her at the cove and considered leaving town but Alf convinced him to stay when he rescued Raffy when a River Boy, Mackenzie, tried to abduct her. He became protective of Kat, getting into a fight with Ash when they started arguing. Kat and Scarlett took him back to the cove in an attempt to jog his memory, where Kat was shocked to find a photo of herself at his camp. Kat insisted he take a polygraph test, which proved he was telling the truth about his amnesia.

Marilyn tried to get him a job but John’s attempt to test his driving resulted in him reversing into Kat’s police car and being arrested for driving without a license. However, he ended up accompanying Kat when she went to look for Brody and Ziggy and helped her rescue them from drug dealer Will Zannis, overpowering Zannis and two henchmen almost single-handedly and instinctively knowing how to disarm Zannis’ gun. He and Kat went for a drink afterwards. After she broke up with Ash, he came to her van and they kissed, but she pulled away after they were nearly interrupted by Tori. Scarlett offered to help him look into his past and suggested his tattoo of a rose might refer to a girlfriend, giving him a list of candidates. He and Kat checked them out and at one address found a partly burned photo of him and the woman dead in bed. Although it turned out the woman died of diabetic complications, Robbo decided he didn’t want to know about his past.

He saved Coco from falling down some steps when she fell faint and was frustrated that Scarlett and Constable Murray were still looking into his past. He helped Kat move into the Diner flat, then slept with her. Soon after though, he was connected to a boat found drifting with signs of a struggle on board: It had belonged to Rose and some of the blood on board was his. However, CCTV footage then showed the boat being hijacked and Robbo held at gunpoint by Kat’s ex Dylan Carter, to whom the rest of the blood belonged, and the assumption was made that he had been on his way to kill Kat and Robbo had stopped him. John, worried about the female attention he was getting, tried to convince him to give up work at the caravan park but this resulted in Marilyn hiring him as a handyman. John later softened and told him about his own experience of memory loss.

He and Kat started seeing each other and he shouted her dinner at the Diner for her birthday, only to realise she had been expecting something bigger. With help from John, Leah, Marilyn and Justin, he arranged a balcony dinner at an expensive restaurant where he presented her with a necklace. He offered to organise a sausage sizzle to pay for damage to the surf club but was bemused when it got turned into a major event. He ended up winning first prize in the raffle – a bush holiday for four – and went to the cabin with Kat, Justin and Scarlett. There, Dennis Novak planted a bomb under the cabin which Robbo managed to find in time to save anyone from serious injury. In the aftermath, Novak kidnapped Kat, having been hired to kill her to stop her testifying in a corruption trial, but Robbo stopped him from drowning her and pursued him, at which point Novak told him his name was Beckett Reid and that they had worked together, before fleeing. Robbo kept this from Kat as she withdrew from testifying.

Worried that the police were searching for Novak, he broke into Kat’s flat to look at the files on the corruption case and also tried to access the police computer. Kat told him Novak was a known hitman and had a notorious partner, Beckett Reid, who no-one had ever seen. He turned down Alf’s offer of a car and had a flashback of strangling someone. John advised him to be honest with Kat, but when she told him she was pregnant, he instead proposed to her. She suggested he move in instead so he accepted the car and began to settle in town.

After the police raided Novak’s safe house but failed to capture him, Robbo used a key from his belongings to get in and take a car, the Sat Nav of which was programmed to take him to where Novak was waiting by the docks. Novak explained Robbo was sent to kill Kat to stop her testifying. After beating him in a fight, Robbo told him to leave town, promising he’d make sure Kat didn’t testify. However, when the other witness, an old friend of Kat’s, was killed, she decided to do so. Although Robbo had set up some security cameras he found at the safe house to keep an eye on her, Novak managed to loop them and decoy him so he could kidnap her. Robbo used a business card he’d found in the car to track them to a wrecker’s yard, where he stopped Novak crushing the car containing Kat. He took Kat to hospital, claiming Novak had run off, but in fact had him tied up in the yard and secretly went back to him. Novak explained the wrecker’s yard had been “Beckett”’s old dumping ground. Robbo took Novak’s gun but was reluctant to shoot him in cold blood; however, when Novak jumped him, the gun went off in the struggle, killing Novak. Robbo buried his body at a remote cove.

Robbo was thrown when an ultrasound showed the baby was not his but Ash’s, but promised Kat he would still love them both. Inspectors Will Shepherd and Liz Vincent arrived with a taskforce to take over the hunt for Novak and brought him in for questioning. They queried why he waited so long to inform the police after finding Kat and he claimed he went looking for Novak. When the taskforce located Novak’s phone in Summer Bay, Robbo retrieved it and planted it on a lorry heading for Melbourne, which the taskforce dutifully followed. After they had realised it was a false lead, Robbo convinced them to let Kat testify by video link rather than risk being killed at the court house. Ash caught him about to skip town, prompting him to change his mind.

Then Novak’s body was discovered, although Robbo managed to convince Kat he had nothing to do with it. When the police searched the flat, he ended up scuffling with them in front of several locals and getting himself arrested, where he let slip that Kat had told him details of the case resulting in her being suspended. They went away for a while but on his return he learned from the CCTV that Ash was investigating him with Kat and began tracking them, accusing Ash of putting ideas in her head and bugged his vehicle in order to spy on them. When Kat came home and told him she’d found out he was Beckett Reid, Robbo admitted he already knew and held her prisoner in the flat, trying to convince her to go away with him. Kat faked stomach pains to get him to call Tori and used the distraction to escape but Robbo fled the scene by taking Tori hostage. He let her go a short way out of town, giving her the address where he was heading and telling her to ask Kat to meet him there.

When Kat didn’t respond (since Tori hadn’t passed the message on), Robbo returned to town. He convinced Kat to talk to him and explained he had set up a cottage for them in the middle of nowhere, planning for them to take on new identities. He surrendered without a fight when the police turned up. Kat then got the rest of the officers out of the station and convinced Robbo to go on the run with her, with Robbo knocking out Ash when he tried to stop them. However, Kat drove out in front of Jasmine Delaney’s car, leaving both women badly injured. Robbo phoned an ambulance but Kat convinced him to run before it got there. He headed to the cabin with an injured leg where he rang the hospital, only to be told by Tori that Kat was dead. He hid when Ash and Justin turned up at the cabin, but when he heard Ash saying that Kat would have got wise to him eventually, he attacked him, again knocking him out to escape.

After hitch-hiking, he ended up back in Summer Bay and broke into the Morgans’ looking for medication. He was found by Tori in the out building where she began treating him in secret. Justin soon found out but reluctantly agreed to keep quiet and tried to get Robbo out of town by stealing an abandoned car for him. However, Robbo found a photo of himself with a woman and two children inside, the sight of which sent him into a catatonic state. Willow had to take him to the motel while Justin decoyed Ash and the police, where Tori tried to bring him round. Some of his memories came back as he recalled his real name was Ryan Shaw, the woman was his wife Lauren and the children were called Sophia and Lucas, and he had come home to find them all dead. He decided to turn himself in to the police, but before he could do so he ran into Ash and Dean. He was chased to a cliff top where he and Ash faced off and fought until the police intervened. Robbo refused to make a statement against Ash and was held in custody, charged with Novak’s murder, before making a statement keeping the Morgans out of it.

Tori continued to involve herself in his case, learning that he was due to be sent to a remand centre with no psychiatric help. The police records confirmed that Lauren, Sophia and Lucas had been murdered by an intruder in their home but made no mention of a husband or father. Tori managed to get her old mentor Professor Juliet Pickford to speak up for Robbo and he was released on bail wearing an electronic tag. However, while Tori continued to support him, his presence in town was immediately opposed by Alf, Leah, John and Marilyn, and especially by Ash who attacked him in the Diner, accusing Robbo of breaking his earlier promise to go to jail for his role in Kat’s death. Robbo addressed a town meeting and promised the locals he wasn’t a threat, and new police officer Colby Thorne helped smooth things over by arranging to rent the Diner flat and have Robbo move in with him.

Ash quickly goaded Robbo into attacking him in front of Tori by revealing he had burned down the cabin that Robbo had planned to live in with Kat, but Tori continued to support him. She arranged him counselling with Pickford but he refused to discuss his family or Kat. Tori then took him to visit Kat’s grave. He agreed to fight the charges but immediately fired the lawyer Tori hired, Lisa Petrov, when she wanted him to plead insanity. Colby arranged a Legal Aid lawyer, the cynical and eccentric but nevertheless competent Kurt Adams. Robbo refused to let Kurt paint Kat as corrupt, grabbing him aggressively when he persisted with the idea, so Kurt decided to get Ash to testify that the escape was her idea. However, Ash instead testified for the prosecution, telling the court how he and Kat found evidence that Robbo was Beckett Reid and prompting an angry outburst from Robbo. He planned to slice his tag off and do a runner but Alf talked him out of it. He instead addressed the court himself, making a speech about what he remembered.

However, before the verdict could be read out, he was taken into custody by federal agents led by Samantha Woodhouse. He was taken to Lance Salisbury, who he remembered as an old friend. It was then that he found out he was a federal police officer named Ryan Shaw, who went undercover after his family were murdered by corrupt cops, posing as a criminal named Beckett Reid with a faked criminal record. He was meant to find Kat and get her to safety under the guise of being a hitman sent after her but Dylan got to him first and the feds assumed his amnesia was an act.

All the charges were dropped on the grounds he had been acting in the line of duty, he was given access to his old bank accounts and he returned to town, where he quickly approached Ash and explained, leaving Ash in something of a state of shock. He also told Tori, who was initially pleased but ended up blaming him for driving Ash away. He was reluctant to tell anyone else and, when John persistently demanded an explanation in the Diner, he grabbed him, scaring recent kidnap victim Ava Gilbert and further alienating the locals. Short of friends and support, he called Lance but was reluctant to accept his offer to rejoin the feds. He saw Hunter being harassed by a group of smugglers on the wharf and stepped in, overpowering all three culprits. Although the incident saw Leah, John and some of the other locals soften towards him, he accepted Lance’s offer to help investigate the operation. First, however, he had to undergo retraining. He struck up a friendly rivalry with a cadet, Jason, but Lance told him he couldn’t go out in the field without passing a psych evaluation which he was reluctant to go along with. Lance suggested he work as an instructor instead but after giving a lecture to Jason and some other recruits he realised he didn’t believe in police work any more.

He returned to Summer Bay where he confided in Alf about his history after Alf gave him jobs at the caravan park and bait shop to keep him busy. He also made a point of saying goodbye to Ash when the latter left town for good. Robboe quickly got involved in helping Colby, who had been suspended from the police after being exposed as an ex-River Boy. He became suspicious of Ebony Harding, who had appeared around the time trouble started happening and was now acting like Colby’s best friend. When he challenged her, she claimed she liked Robbo. They went to the surf club together and next day she kissed him. Robbo continued seeing her but remained suspicious, following her to her motel room where he heard her talking to someone. He was thrown and backed off when she tried to sleep with him. Asking Lance to run a check, he learned she was actually the sister of Boyd Easton, who had been killed by Colby after he and his mother Hazel kidnapped Ava. Robbo went to the motel room only to find Hazel dead and the police arriving to find him standing over the body holding a vial of poison. With Colby in a critical condition in hospital after an attack from Ebony and unable to vouch for him, Robbo was charged with Hazel’s murder after another vial of the poison (which Ebony had nearly used on him before changing her mind) was found in his flat.