Lauren Shaw

Lauren Shaw (2018)
Lianne Mackessy
Episodes: 6825, 6971

Date of Birth: 19th August 1988
Date of Death: 17th February 2015

Spouse: Robbo Shaw (?–2015)
Children: Sophia & Lucas Shaw (both deceased)

Occupation: Primary school teacher

Lauren Shaw was Robbo’s deceased wife, who was first seen in flashback when Robbo began regaining his memory. In his recollection, he remembered lovingly looking at Lauren while they pushed their kids on a swing. Later, he had a flashback to kissing Lauren and having Happy Birthday sung to him by his family. As Robbo’s past life resurfaced, he remembered them dying in a car accident. However, when Colby investigated, he learnt that Robbo’s family were murdered in their home when he was away. This led to Robbo going undercover to infiltrate the corrupt officers that were responsible for his family’s death.

Later in the year, Robbo underwent therapy in order to help Tori Morgan have a child. In a session where his therapist mined his issues about becoming a father again, he opened up about the fact that he and Lauren had been having issues prior to her murder. A flashback revealed that Lauren had issues with Robbo being in the police force and threatened to leave him if he didn’t start putting his family first. He later revealed this was the night that his family was murdered and that he had been blaming himself for their deaths.

When Robbo finally had a showdown with Ouroboros gang leader Victor Devlin in late 2019, he admitted to Robbo that he had been the one who’d murdered Lauren, Sophia and Lucas.