Home and Away reveals the identity of Tane’s stalker

The latest episodes of Home and Away have revealed the identity of Tane Parata’s stalker, but it looks like the hell the residents of Summer Bay are going through is far from over.

Tane’s stalker storyline may be just kicking off in the UK, but Australian viewers have spent the last couple of months watching Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) and Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) go through hell, as both suspect the other of obsessing over them.

In a triple-bill of episodes which aired on the evening of Thursday 21st, things came to a head as the real identity of Tane’s stalker was finally revealed.

Tane and Felicity first jumped into bed together after meeting at the club where Felicity works, and the hot newcomer seemed like the perfect distraction for Tane after his painful breakup from Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

However, while Tane was just looking for fun, it wasn’t long before Flick hinted that she wanted more, leading to Tane calling things off so as to not lead her on any further.

Shortly after, he started receiving deliveries of single red roses – first on his doorstep, then attached to his car. He immediately assumed Felicity was to blame, and, when she started popping up everywhere he went, accused her of stalking him.

At Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) 21st birthday, Tane had to head to the club to collect the inebriated youngster, but having to deal with Tane in her workplace only infuriated Felicity more, and made her feel like she was the one being harrassed.

It was there that he had a brief but uncomfortable encounter with Anne (Megan Smart), Felicity’s best friend, who was managing the VIP area that evening.

Shortly after, Felicity took out an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against the Parata brother, believing it to be the only way to stop him from harassing her.

Things came to a head the same evening, just as Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) fundraiser was kicking off at Salt. A mystery figure entered the gym and swapped Tane’s blue sports drink for an identical one, which had been laced with a sedative.

He collapsed to the floor shortly before the attacker brought in a canister of an unknown liquid, which they started releasing it into the gym. The canister’s spray got into the air conditioning vents, filling Salt with what was later revealed to be organophosphate, a fertiliser which also acts as a powerful nerve agent.

It left Tane, Marilyn (Emily Simons) and Martha hospitalised, and Felicity instantly became suspect #1. Even Cash eventually began to suspect his own sister of orchestrating the attack.

The last couple of weeks have seen her try to prove her innocence. She asked Anne to give her an alibi, which she happily agreed to, but her so-called best friend ended up telling the police what Felicity had demanded of her. Faking an alibi didn’t look good, and Detective Nasser (Julian Maroun) became even more convinced that Flick was guilty.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) also found a receipt for the organophosphate in Felicity’s van. Flick pleaded with Cash that she was being set up, and her brother ended up burning the evidence. However, this week saw Flick start to panic as her world closed in around her, and she slipped up by mentioning the burnt evidence incident in front of Anne.

In Thursday’s episode, Felicity finally discovered who has really been behind Tane’s stalking and the gym attack.

Anne has still been the only person she could rely on, and she invited her back to her van to try to work out what to do next.

It was there that Anne messed up. When Flick made a casual comment about Tane, Anne retorted that she really hated him, and that he had screwed both of them over. When Flick seemed confused by the revelation that he’d hurt them both, Anne explained that he was rude to her on the night of Ryder’s 21st birthday.

Felicity pointed out that he was just angry and wasn’t being himself, but Anne seemed to take this to heart, pointing out that his words made her feel worthless.

It was at that point that Felicity saw the latest post from Nikau’s socials. Nik has made a number of anti-Felicity posts on his incredibly popular Instagram profile, and hundreds of his followers have spent the past week slating Felicity, and forming their own mini vigilante movement.

However, a new comment on the post took things one step further, calling for the police to investigate the missing pesticide receipt – something very few people knew about.

At that point, Felicity realised that the only person who knew about the burnt receipt – other than Cash and Jasmine – was Anne!

“It was you,” said Felicity, unable to believe that the attacker was sitting right in front of her. “It was you all along!”

Her friend didn’t even deny it, simply telling Flick that she’d never be able to prove it, and seeming surprised that she wasn’t happy that Tane almost died.

Fans have suspected Anne as being behind the attack since she first appeared on the show. She got an awful lot of focus for a guest character, and, as Stephen Tennyson’s (Bren Foster) short-lived time on the show recently demonstrated, guesties often can’t be trusted.

Eagle-eyed fans then spotted that, on the day after the attack, as she talked to Felicity at the beach, Anne was wearing knee-length black boots. They were very similar to the ones the mysterious attacker was wearing when they entered the gym and attacked Tane.

It only seemed like a matter of time until Anne’s true identity was revealed.

There are still some questions to be answered. While Anne explained that her issue with Tane revolved around his rude behaviour at Ryder’s 21st, the stalking and the red rose deliveries started well before that. What was her real motive?

So what next for Felicity?

In the second episode of Thursday’s triple bill, Detective Nasser went to arrest Felicity on suspicion of attempted murder, despite Cash’s pleas that they investigate Anne. He opened Felicity’s caravan to find it empty, with all of her stuff gone, and it seemed that Flick had done a runner.

Even Cash was forced to accept that running away isn’t the action of an innocent party, and perhaps his sister was guilty after all.

Just a couple of hours later, as Tane returned home from hospital, he found another rose on his doorstep, with a hand-written card reading “See you soon”.

It looks like things are far from over.

What we do know is that Felicity is in for a tough couple of weeks.

A recent promo for the show has given us a look at what’s coming up between now and the November season finale. In shocking scenes, Felicity is shown tied to a chair in an abandoned building.

As she struggles to break free from the ropes around her wrists, she freezes when she hears a sound from off screen.

“Miss me?” asks the voice of Anne, as friend becomes foe.

In the next shot, she’s tied to one of the wooden support pillars, suggesting her kidnapper is making doubly sure that she can’t escape.

It looks like Anne’s reign is only just beginning!

Want to know what happens further down the line?

The new Home and Away promo hints that Felicity and Tane finally find happiness together – we assume after Tane does an awful lot of grovelling.

The promo shows the two of them kissing on the beach, looking happier than ever, in scenes set to air either late 2021 or early 2022.

It suggests that Flick makes it out of her kidnapping situation alive, and is ready to put the stalker accusations behind her and finally find some happiness.

Yet strap in as we’re expecting a lot of drama between now and then!

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 25th October (7684)

Marilyn has a change of attitude. Dean and Ziggy’s chemistry is strong. Logan thinks he’s missed something in his diagnosis.

Tuesday 26th October (7685)

Theo and Ryder face off in their first challenge. Dean wants to overcome his hurdle. Marilyn’s out of character behaviour continues.

Wednesday 27th October (7686)

Irene does her best with Marilyn. Cash feels helpless while Felicity’s missing. Ryder dares Theo to another challenge.

Thursday 28th October (7687–7689)

Theo chalks up a win. Tane’s in danger again. Marilyn continues on her warpath.

Will Felicity and Tane be found in time? Irene draws the line with Marilyn. Mia has to face her past.

Is Dean ready to overcome his trauma? Mia doesn’t want her past to become her present. Nikau has a career path present itself.

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