Home and Away Spoilers – Ryder and Theo fight over Chloe

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Ryder’s surprise birthday party turns into a disaster, with a little help from newcomer Theo.

Theo (Matt Evans) has only been in Summer Bay for a couple of weeks, but he’s been causing trouble wherever he goes.


Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew Theo arrived in Summer Bay in style as he sped through the quiet road that runs alongside the beach, straight past new cop Cash Newman. When the Senior Constable chased after him and pulled him over, the young new arrival claimed that he was rushing to a family emergency.

Elaborating, he explained that his aunt had suddenly died, and he was heading back to meet up with the rest of his family.

When Cash seemed to take pity on him and gave him a police escort “home”, Theo was taken aback when he discovered the cop already knew his aunt. What’s more, all signs seemed to point to her not being dead after all.

He soon riled Justin (James Stewart) up by taking advantage of Leah’s hospitality, helping himself to free food and making no effort to clean up after himself.

To make matters worse, he had arrived home beaten up. While he claimed that some guys had tried to steal his car and he sustained the injuries fighting them off, he eventually admitted that it was a revenge attack by victims of an insurance scam he’d carried out at his father Dimitri’s (Salvatore Coco) business.

When Justin eventually decided to put his feelings for the teen to one side and offer him a job at the garage, Theo only managed a few hours’ work before heading home with a migraine.

It’s safe to say that Justin is keeping him at arms length.

Theo has taken every opportunity to flirt with Chloe

However, one person who he has grown closer to is Chloe (Sam Barrett).

He instantly took a shine to her and began flirting with her at every opportunity, and, while it was clear that the attraction wasn’t mutual, she warmed to him when he helped her deliver food orders after Ryder (Lukas Radovich) slept through his alarm.

Ryder and Chloe in happier times, before the food truck explosion changed everything

He made the most of the opportunity to belittle Ryder, expressing his surprise that out of all the people, that was who Chloe had chosen to date.

This week, he continues to rub Ryder up the wrong way.

It’s almost Ryder’s birthday, and, after he’s worked so hard over the last few months – juggling studies, the board shop and their new food business – Chloe wants to make him feel special.

She decides to organise a big surprise birthday for her boyfriend. Sadly, Theo’s involvement means it isn’t quite the surprise Chloe was hoping for.

It’s only a matter of months since Ryder was kidnapped for real

She needs a way to get Ryder to his party at the nightclub without blowing the surprise, and Theo has the perfect idea.

As Ryder waits by the Surf Club, he suddenly finds himself with a hood pulled tightly over his head and someone shoving aggressively into the back of a car. Considering it was only six months ago that he, Chloe, Bella and Nikau were being kidnapped for real, it’s fair to say he isn’t too happy when he finds out what’s going on.

As he watches Theo and Chloe chat later on in the evening, his jealousy begins to get the better of him. To drown his sorrows, he starts knocking back too many shots, with champagne chasers, and it’s not long before he’s blind drunk. Suddenly, he’s smashing glasses and decorations all over the place.

Is Ryder letting his insecurities get the better of him?

Talking to TV Week about his character’s meddling, Matt Evans admits, “Theo takes advantage of Ryder and messes with his relationship, which he doesn’t appreciate.”

Eventually, it’s on Tane (Ethan Browne) to escort Ryder from the club and take him back to Summer Bay to sober up.

Yet the next morning, Ryder hasn’t calmed down. He confronts newcomer Theo about his attempts to steal his girl, and soon the pair are brawling.

How will Chloe react to the two boys fighting over her?

Does Ryder really have anything to worry about, or is he just letting jealousy get to him?

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