Home and Away Spoilers – Leah’s nephew Theo Poulos arrives in the Bay

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Cash pulls over a young man for speeding, unaware of his connection to one of Summer Bay’s stalwarts.

This week, Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) finds himself pursuing a delinquent when he catches him hurtling through the quiet streets of Summer Bay in a silver sedan.

When the attractive young man, by the name of Theo (Matt Evans), finally comes to a stop, he’s quick to make up an excuse as to why he’s speeding. Stating that his aunt has passed away and that he was trying to get home to be with his family, Theo is doing whatever it takes to wriggle his way out of the speeding ticket.

Taking his word for it, Cash decides to escort Theo back home.

Speaking to TV Week, Nicholas Cartwright expressed that Theo’s arrival will take everyone by surprise.

Cash thinks he’s just a smug kid in a nice car,” the actor told TV Week.

However, when Theo finally gets ‘home’, his connection to the Bay becomes apparent… and even the relative he claimed to live with is surprised.

It’s then that it is revealed that Theo is actually the nephew of Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou)! Named after his grandfather, the young man is happy to see his aunt, but she can’t quite believe that he has come to visit.

When Cash realises that Theo has lied about his reason for speeding, he’s not happy.

However, things take a turn when it is revealed that Theo’s home life isn’t the best. He’s been kicked out of home by his father, and he is now desperate for somewhere to live.

Ever the caring relative, Leah agrees to take Theo in, hoping that it might give the tearaway a sense of comfort.

Unfortunately, it’s not all smooth sailing. Theo is quick to make his presence known around the quiet seaside town and doesn’t waste any time rubbing his pseudo-uncle Justin (James Stewart) – among others – up the wrong way.

With it clear that Theo is a bit of a ratbag, the question must be asked – is there more than meets the eye with Leah’s nephew? And what exactly did he do that was so bad to result in his father evicting him?

Who is Matt Evans?

For avid viewers of Australian reality television, Matt won’t come across as a stranger.

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Last year, the 24 year old was a forklift driver, living in Perth, who auditioned for The Voice Australia. Now, he’s Summer Bay’s newest loveable larrikin!

After being praised for his singing voice in high school, Matt received a place at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Once he graduated, he worked spent his days working and nights performing with his band, Atlas Chasers.

You can watch the performer’s audition below:


Leah’s Family

Long term viewers of Home and Away will know that Leah’s family was shown extensively throughout her first decade onscreen.

After her arrival in 2000 (Episode 2793), it didn’t take long for her family to be introduced. The first member of the Poulos clan arrived a month after she did, in the form of her father Theo (Silvio Ofria). Wanting Leah to return to her ex-fiancé Ted (Harry Pavlidis), he offered her new boyfriend Vinnie (Ryan Kwanten) $50,000 to break up with her.

(l-r) Leah’s brothers, Dimitri, Chris and Alex.

A few months later, her older brother Chris (Alex Blias) arrived in the Bay for a brief visit.

The remainder of her family was then introduced in early 2001 for her wedding to Vinnie. Her brother Alex (Danny Raco) arrived first, followed by her mother Helen (Peta Toppano), cousin Christina (Barbara Gouskos) and uncle Con (Nicholas Papademetriou).

Alex decided to hang around in the Bay and left in 2004 with his fiancée Brodie (Susie Rugg). He returned three years later, using Leah’s luggage to smuggle drugs into the country, now a single man.

In 2003, Leah’s eldest brother Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) arrived for Alex’s 21st birthday. The event was marred when the two brothers began bluing and their father Theo suffered a heart attack. Dimitri was last seen at Leah’s wedding to her second husband Dan (Tim Campbell).

(top left) Leah with her parents Theo and Helen, and brother Chris at her 30th birthday party.

The final time we saw Leah’s family was for her 30th birthday in 2009, when her parents and Chris returned to watch her make a drunken fool of herself.

Over the years, she has often mentioned her family, frequently making mercy dashes to the city or over to Cyprus to look after an ailing parent or sibling.

And let’s not forget that Leah’s son VJ (Matt Little) now lives in Cyprus with his step-daughter Luc.

Theo will arrive on Australian screens this Thursday, and in the UK on 21st October.

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