Louise Bowes Returns as Script Executive

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Former Script Executive of Home and Away, Louise Bowes has returned to the series’ top job.

Back to the Bay can reveal the news that Louise Bowes, former Script Producer of All Saints and Script Executive at Channel Seven, has returned to the helm of long-running Australian drama, Home and Away after an absence of almost three years.

Louise’s official title is “Network Script Executive”.

During her time on the series, Louise was responsible for the majority of the “River Boys era”, including the Brax/Ricky and Heath/Bianca pairings and the introduction of 23 main characters. She left the series at the end of 2014 to move into Bevan Lee’s former position, with Dan Bennett taking over as Script Executive.

The news of Louise’s return was today made public by make-up artist Laura Vazquez who posted this photo on Instagram.

Further, cast and crew sources confirm that current Script Producer and long-time fan of the show, Hamilton Budd has left the series. Despite his time in the top job having just started airing, Ham joined the in-house team in early 2014 and has been involved in the plotting of stories including Caroline’s medicinal marijuana usage, the Luc custody battle and the Who Shot Charlotte? arc, as well as the return of Morag Bellingham and Jett Palmer.

Ham and Co-Script Producer Brooke Wilson have also been the brains behind current storylines such as John’s dissociative amnesia, Brody’s ice addiction and the introduction of the Astoni family, all of which are currently playing out on-screen. It is understood by BTTB that there are some big storylines yet to come including the reveal of Scarlett’s big secret.

Louise’s material will begin airing in Episode 6781, which airs in Australia in early November, and will continue into the foreseeable future, sources say.

Lucy Addario continues as Series Producer, whilst Brooke Wilson will stay on as Co-Script Producer.

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