UK Preview – Shoot-out!

Episodes 6566-6570
Monday 20th to Friday 24th February 2017 on Channel 5

Just when the Morgan family thought their troubles could be coming to an end, upcoming episodes will see a terrifying shoot-out and hostage situation as the Syndicate finally catch up with them.

Last week, the Morgans protection officer Decker (John Adam) came to the bay with the news that he had learnt who the dirty cop was, and was preparing to take down the Syndicate for good. However he then learnt that local copper Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) had been sticking her nose into the family’s history, and in doing so had potentially compromised their safety. Before he could tell Kat more, a shot rang out from the darkness and Decker slumped to the ground.

This week, the fight is on to save Decker’s life as he is rushed into hospital. As they work on him, a USB stick falls out of his jacket pocket, which is later found by Mason (Orpheus Pledger). With Decker desperately trying to tell Mason something about the stick, the family realise that everything Decker has on the Syndicate is in their hands, and their lives depend on it.

Later, Superintendent Ranae Turner (Sacha Horler) arrives to take over the case. She advises the Morgans to stay low and assures them they will be protected, but Justin (James Stewart) and Tori (Penny McNamee) are uneasy – can they really trust her?

When the family finally crack the password to the USB stick, they bring Kat on board to help decipher the hundreds of documents within, but it will take a lot of time. Still unsure as to whether they can trust Ranae, Kat decides to test her by handing over USB stick, claiming to have not seen the information within. When Ranae reports back that it contains nothing useful, Kat is convinced that she cannot be trusted.

As Justin & Kat continue to work through copies of the files, they find a familiar face amongst the photos – it’s Ranae! With confirmation that she is indeed the dirty cop working for the Syndicate, they prepare to leave the bay to take the information straight to the commissioner. But it’s too late. Ranae is onto them, and the house comes under a barrage of bullets.

As Kat and Justin struggle to make their escape, the USB stick is left on the floor amongst the chaos.

When they finally lose Ranae, Kat has been shot in the arm and Justin decides to risk going back to the house to retrieve the USB stick. But Ranae and one of her cronies are waiting for him…

Tied up and being interrogated on what he knows about the Syndicate, Justin finally loses it and tells Ranae to just shoot him. She raises her gun and takes aim – is this it?

Elsewhere in the bay, Bianca (Lisa Gormley) and Zac (Charlie Clausen) reunite over at Salt as they chat about their marriage woes. Bianca admits to Zac that she and Heath are talking about divorce, and Zac laments the fact that Leah has forgotten their first wedding anniversary.

As the evening wears on and they become tipsy, Bianca admits that she doesn’t want to deal with all the drama that awaits her at home and feels that she’s lost her way in life. Zac tries to reassure her by telling her what a wonderful person she is, and she reminisces about the brief affair she and Zac had before she married Heath. Then, they start to lean in for a kiss…

For other storylines and a full rundown of what’s to come over the next few weeks, visit our Upcoming UK Episodes page.

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