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I've had a couple of questions about my tiger experience today, so though General Chat was probably a good place to share pictures from the day.

We went to Kanchanaburi, outside Bangkok, where the Bridge over the river Kwai is, and then to a Tiger Temple near there. The story of the Tiger Temple is that the monks were given a baby tiger back in Feb 1999 who had been supposed to be 'killed and stuffed' but the man given the job by his wealthy employer, got the cub to the monks instead. They cared for it, but it died in July 1999. However, Kanchanaburi runs alongside the Burma border, where lots of poaching goes on - the Thais get big money for the bodies of tigers, but usually leave cubs to fend for themselves in the jungle. When people heard about the first tiger cub incident, they started bringing the monks tiger cubs that they found ... and so it continued.

Nowadays, the temple has like 15 full grown tigers, and 8 cubs. All were reared among humans, and so 'imprinted' on them; they do not attack. The temple has been open ten years now, and only ever had one attack from the tigers. I don't believe they're drugged, as we saw them pouncing at trees, prowling, and running around. It's just so very hot, and, in the canyon where they all were, their handlers are with the tourists at all times, leading them by the hand from tiger to tiger.

Now, the temple has the tigers, a leopard [kept in a large 'natural habitat styled' cage because she's not 100% trustworthy], numerous water buffalo, cows, bulls, hogs, deer, stags, ponies, horses, peacocks, goats which all run free!


Cute cub:



Me with said cub:


the canyon:


the cub that lashed his tail repeatedly on my sister [she got a big fright!]


some of the ponies running free


big scary bull! [there were loads of them!]


&& one of the newest additinos to the temple; see how thin she is :(


it was an awesome day :)

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Wow, those pictures are amazing. I'm so jealous of you travelling around right now! Whre are you heading next? You should go somewhere in Africa :D It's my passion, hehe.

But why are they chained up in one of your pics? I hate seeing animals like that...although it does look like a pretty big place.

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^ it's definitely worth a visit Cerise, I only wish we had more money so we could do all the programs we offered, like playing with baby cubs!! :wub:

Cicerid; South-East Asia is a marvelous place, truly. I'm heading to Melbourne on Tuesday for a week, then Brisbane for a few days, Sydney for two days and then home. Glad to be going back to Oz, love it there!

KirstyE; they were chained up for the photos only, it being too dangerous for them to not be chained up when they were literally on people. Once the photo session was over, all the chains were removed and they were free in the area to sleep, prowl, swim, play, etc :)

This place, from what I saw was very much cruelty-free. :)

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i just thought i would announce this.........

i just met dichen lachlan, she was in neighbours a while back,, she played rachel and zekes siter kaytla i think he rname was lol..

anyway just thought id let you know that.

i spent the weekend with a load fo people from chuck, sarah connor chronicles and dollhouse and few form buffy/angel.


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