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  1. Aww memories.. I just found my first post in General chat, SPAG Nazi’s funeral … those we’re really fun times :P I still can't believe we had a funeral for a made up character
  2. Yes you may *Hands a anzac cookie*
  3. Hmm what have you done to deserve a delicious chocolate chip cookie Rosey?
  4. So in other words you cant work out what you did in gc, just like you cant work out what you actuallydo around here
  5. You wernt even in the honey incident Andrewy Or the stand off. What did you actually contribute to Gc?
  6. Ah the honey incident. Such good memories
  7. Shut me and Deanny up? Yeah right But no cushion fight tonight, im tired and the honey is so hard to get off afterwards
  8. The fun hasnt even begun yet And no offence but im head cookie, and nobodys cookies are as good as mine I don't know everyone, and seeing I havent posted on here since August thats why you probably don't know me. The reason Dean and I get on so well is cause we talk on MSN all the time and were both crazy
  9. *pulls out the pair of handcuffs she stole from Jack Holden and handcuffs Dean to the couch. Then starts throwing pillows at him *
  10. Holly is an idiot. Love from Darth Vader Thats the best you can do? And it would be actually funnier if you wrote DarthDean
  11. Dont call me dear, SpongeDean or ill be forced to throw a cushion And its not like youve never made a mistake
  12. There harmless anyway You just have to know what to feed them Dean loves choc-chip cookies, and Andy has a weekness for Krispy Kreme donuts
  13. Oooh bring it on Deanny boy Do your worst Wow look at that havent posted since August and am still GC Queen I would have 177.7 pages of my own in this thread
  14. Oh I know you love me Deanny Now sit. Good mod. *pats him again*
  15. *walks into GC and pushes Dean off the couch* You may be a mod but im still Gc Queen Chill out Mitch our little Deanny is like a tame little puppy dog *throws him a cookie and pats deans head *
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