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  1. Alright... I'm in... I don't have the time for it, but I'll make it
  2. Hayden Panettiere had a role on Malcolm early in the year... puberty didn't look like it had done wonders for her...
  3. Cal, you said JAck is in Every Episode... what about "The Other 48 Days"... you would have seen that by now if your a third of the way through :S
  4. We talking the movie or the bible Passion?
  5. Are you laughing at the fact that people who bought this DVD also bought the Pamela and Tommy Sex tape or something else?
  6. Well I tended to stay out of the general threads... and I just ignored him apart from that.
  7. It might have been me 'hounding' Liz for the photos... I said to her on MSN something like "So... topless photos hey..." As for SDA... somehow I managed to avoid having too much to do with him... got very lucky it seems
  8. Smut... I thought we were talking about Gobstoppers?
  9. I just had a driving lesson... It was fun I love Baz's Romeo and Juliet... brilliant movie! Its the fault of the families... bloody feud.
  10. I watched Ray the other day... great movie!
  11. Well I occasionally swallow...
  12. Right... I have no idea what you are implying?
  13. Haha... We don't have those! What are they... they sound like a cough medicine?
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