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  1. In my opinion Roman is over-reacting. Don't get me wrong, Aden and Nicole should have come clean about what they did straight away and not have gone behind his back and he's got a right to be angry about that but a) both Aden and Nicole knew what they were doing; b)after all Roman has now known Aden for a while and clearly thinks he's a decent person (otherwise he would not have him live under the same roof as his daughter and would not have stood up for him on many occasions) so why the big deal; c) he allowed Belle to stay over multiple times and he allowed Nicole to go on a uninhabited isla
  2. Oh my God Moya, these pictures are absolutely amazing! What a wonderful experience/time you seem to be having! Will you go back to Australia after your travels or back to Ireland? Good luck and make the most of it!
  3. This post is just in reply to some comments that started in the Adelle vs Tachel poll. Quote Red Ranger: By the way, cicerid, you've just made the exact same point that I was trying to make before:It wasn't the fact Aden had been abused that hurt Belle and caused their relationship to break down, it was the way he chose to deal with it.His actions were not inevitable.If he'd chosen to get help sooner, and it was possible if not easy for him to do so, he wouldn't have turned on her the way he did and she wouldn't have had to watch him behaving in such a frightening manner.(And, for the umpte
  4. Maybe they are already trusting their own judgement and doing what they think is best for the show... we'll never know will we? Anyway, should they end up splitting them up for good, maybe they should hop on this forum and get some rather interesting and well written storyline ideas from Family Matters
  5. That's exactly what I mean though. It's your opinion that it is in the best interest of the characters and of the story to split Aden and Belle up, the majority of the viewers don't think so because they genuinely like the couple and they don't see all the flaws you see. The fact that they are an awful pairing to you does not mean they actually are an awful pairing. It's just your opinion. Of course the show lasted 20 years without them but characters come and go and there are always golden couples to leave only to be replaced be another one. In my personal case, Aden and Belle are the main
  6. I am not going to argue whether they are a good couple or not because a) you all know what I think and b) because we are all different and we all perceive people differently. I find them incredibly interesting together and some people don't. I think you and I Red Ranger for instance could go on and on analysing them as a couple and we would always end up having opposite views on them and that's simply because you and I have a different opinion as to who makes a good couple. That does not make either me or you right and the other one wrong: we just see them in a totally different way. As fo
  7. Maybe I’m supposed to be disappointed in Aden for choosing to leave the hospital once he was certain Belle was ok but I just can’t. His reaction is a very human and understandable one considering all that he went through with Larry. Aden himself said a couple of episodes ago that it was not Belle he did not trust but her addiction. He has seen it all before and now the latest events must have brought back so many memories and past emotions. I don’t know whether it is selfish of him not to want to have to go through it all again with Belle (except from his initial reaction he’s been incredibly
  8. I loved them in tonight's episode! I actually have loved them in all recent episodes. The acting has been amazing and the storyline so realistic. I think they have been rather strong as a couple considering what they are going through and I think it's great the writers are showing Aden's and Belle's individual ways of dealing with the addiction and their individual perspective on things: we have got Belle on the one hand who is a strong character who's always been independent and now finds herself having to depend on drugs but she has not lost her independent trait completely as she is adamant
  9. Totally agree with this last statement. It's not just Aden and Belle breaking up multiple times, all couples on the show never seem to have a happy phase that lasts longer than a couple of weeks. Even if they don't break up, there's drama hence strain in the relationship. The writers could keep them happily together and still give them interesting storylines which grip an audience. In Aden and Belle's case, we've definitely reached the point of over-dramatisation: the issues that have been - or are still being - tackled, have been brilliantly portrayed and very interesting because they're
  10. I on the other hand really enjoyed their scenes together in today’s episode. I found them very sweet and sad at the same time. I really like Aden and Belle as a couple and always enjoy an episode more when they are in it. You can really tell they genuinely love each other but also how fragile their love is at the moment. Aden is definitely the strong one now and it was so sad to hear him say how committed he is to her and that he’ll support her and be there for her . I think it was very powerful and they are paving the way for some very intense and surely well-acted scenes. Belle is
  11. I agree he has not done anything wrong but he might feel guilty for not noticing something was seriously wrong with Belle - no other reason.
  12. As is often the case, I agree with everything you wrote Jody and you probably put it in better words than I would have. It's so nice to watch them being carefree, even if it is only for a few seconds, and it was nice seeing Belle helping Aden help Joey instead of popping pills. I think Aden will have a shock when he finally notices Belle's problems and I can't wait to see what his reaction will be and how his feelings (guilt, anger, pain, disappointment) will be portrayed by Todd.
  13. Unfortunately this is what any kind of addiction does to you: it turns you into a deceitful person who would stop at nothing to feed it. You end up spoiling not only what is good in your life (relationships, a career) but also what is good in the life of those close to you. You know what you are doing is bad and wrong but you cannot find the strength to fight it all by yourself. Drugs get the better of you. So Belle would not deliberately hurt anyone but it's very plausible that it might happen. As for Aden and Irene not having noticed yet, sometimes it's the people closest to you who ar
  14. I agree with you, their relationship is definitely not healthy at the moment and the main reason (in my opinion) is because they are keeping things from each other instead of talking and finding comfort in each other - Belle is apparently going through hell but hiding it from Aden and he's totally oblivious to what's going on (if he does not realize soon what is going on I might start doubting how smart he is!). I think the reason Aden did not go to uni is not because he wants to be the most important person in her life but because she is the most important person in his life and he's putti
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