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  1. Woo! FTW <3!!! Not long until the official Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby realease either. Cyndi Lauper Time After Time. I know right! I'm so excited!!! I actually love them more than life itself right now Defying Gravity - Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) version <3
  2. twould be my John&Edward playlist right now <3
  3. You shouldnt be writingthat on a public forum JADE.

  4. woops, just commented on my sisters accountm forgot to log onto mine - It's Jayde here by the way, LOL.

  5. Oh, thank youu! :D Yeah, I miss her too!

  6. I love this av. The colours are amazing in it! Could I use it please?
  7. It still REALLY creeps me out! I dont know why, it's just like... woah. And just the general shock of the storyline :/ Who wudda thought it?
  8. I finished the second part of BD now. It's still teh weirdest thing I've ever read.
  9. I'm trying to control myself I haven't read a Twilight book in a whole 8 days! And then I caved! I read the first Part of BD so fast, I think I set a world record :/
  10. For some reason I started reading Breaking Dawn again... :/
  11. lol saddo you havent had a comment in over a year. sadder even, i remember typing that last comment a sif it were yesterday :P

  12. ^^ Bittuva wasted shot in the end as well... Watching Eurovision... it's creeping me out xD
  13. I need to see Star Trek right now. Literally, I need to see it. GIDDY. I've waited long for this movie. Oh so long.
  14. Definitely read Twilight first, the movie is quite different from the book and a few elements from the Twilight novel that weren't in the film are carried over on in New Moon so it's best to go with that.
  15. Dr Pepper, Crisps, Chocolate bar. Yum yum.
  16. Oreos... again... so addictive. Before that I had Pot Noodle. And a sandwhich. Yes, I'm hungry.
  17. Wow, that's amazing! I love tigers, they are just cool. I've heard of the Tiger Temple and I've really wanted to go there ever since I read about it, it sounds like an amazing experience. That's so cool that you got to go, hope you had an amazing day!
  18. ^^ Yum, sounds amazing. I miss smoothies with apple juice in them. I'm allergic to it though. Just had an Oreo (yes, just one for some reason) and water. Not very exciting at all at all.
  19. ^^ I'm just about to go watch them on youtube now. The last show I watched was an old episode of criminal Minds. I usually hate watching old episodes but it was on right after the 'new' Irish-pace episode. I didn't remember it though.
  20. ^^ I wish I still had my RD videos. My dad took them. And all the versions online are crap quality, and I haven't seen Seasons 7 and 8 yet. Let alone the new eps.
  21. I've been rewatching the original Skins. LOL. It was so much better. I miss the old cast so much.
  22. Cerise

    you have over 14000 posts... thats just impressive :P

  23. Why did I just think you were eating New York? I literally imagine you sitting there eating a cake in the shape of NY... I need to get out more. Cereal. I never eat cereal, but thats the only thing in this house, apparently.
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