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    'Home and Away', 'Coronation Street', 'Neighbours' and 'Laguna Beach'

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    Stoke-on-Trent, UK
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    I *love* music...loadsa bands.....delirious? thebandwithnoname, Switchfoot, YFriday, Coldplay, Lordi, Nerina Pallot, James Blunt, Max Pezzali, Embrace and Kelly Clarkson. I also like to read (when I have the time), this can be anything really, 'The Da Vinci Code', Harry Potters, anything by John Grisham and I *love* Bill Bryson! I also like to read FanFics (especially 'Home and Away' related ones!) I'm in my second year of 'A'-Levels and I'm taking Italian, English Literature and Philosophy&Ethics. I hope to study Italian at Uni.....I guess that's about it!

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  1. White, oversized men's t-shirt and 'cup cake cutie' pyjama bottoms. Oh, and bed socks - it's too cold!
  2. Three cans - Coke Light, Sanpellegrino Aranciata and Lemon Soda - aperitivi and pizza.
  3. Went out for aperitivi tonight to say goodbye to my friend who's leaving to start her summer job at the end of the week - cured ham, rice salad (with pickles), pasta salad (with tuna), curried egg, pototo and tomato salad, pizza and these amazing half-roasted, half-fried potatoes!
  4. The Power of Your Love // Darlene Zschech & David Evans
  5. Such Great Heights - The Postal Service.
  6. Cemetery Junction - Ricky Gervais is a legend.
  7. Sofficini (crumbed mozzarella and veggie pouches) with rosemary-coated potato wedges, and a bottle of water.
  8. Groceries, more bottled water and a fiordilatte and fruits of the forest ice cream cup.
  9. Was: Halo/Walkin' on Sunshine - Glee cast Now: Halo - Beyoncé
  10. A trio icecream cup - crema, dulche de leche and chocolate banana, pizza and a student ticket to the university's (amazing) canteen.
  11. Grey and white horizontally striped tee-shirt, black joggers and flip-flops.
  12. Pasta with a ragù, tuna and sweetcorn sauce topped with lots of parmesan cheese. Now I'm drinking bottled water.
  13. How to Train Your Dragon (in 3D) and Dear John. I agree with what Lise said about Amanda and Channing having amazing chemistry. But I also agree with the rest of what she said. Ugh! Might read the book, though - I saw it in a bookshop here the other day; although it's called 'Remember to Look at the Moon', or something, which threw me at first!
  14. Grey Primark skinnies, black vest top and a blue longline cardigan from New Look.
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