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I need some advice from you clever and sly people :P

How would you go on about getting someone to add you on MSN? Like, I know I could just add the person or ask them to add me, but it seems a little weird since we're not that close, and I would just randomly be doing it out of nowhere. I need a good plan, and I need it fast. I've gone to the point where I'm considering the old "change your facebook status to 'managed to delete just about half of my msn contacts. add me again?'"-trick, but then again, when they weren't on the list in the first place, I'm guessing chances are slim.

I think maybe the best option for a chicken like me is annoying a friend into just doing something about it against my will :P

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& Thanks to Cal and Laura we have now established that it was a guy I went to school with. Thanks guys! :lol:

Haha, I don't know, all I know is that I've already used up my facebook IM card for a while, I can't pull another one of those, and the one I did was extremely badly timed and resulted in a conversation that lasted for about one minute and thirty seconds.

So yeah... :P

Maybe I should just hope I run into him at some club or bar this weekend (if I can get money) and hope that I'll get to make out with him again, and hope that I can convince him to contact me the day after :P

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