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  1. Light blue skinny jeans, a light ble tank top and a white shirt.
  2. A grey tunic, a black belt and a frozen bag of come sort of chicken salady casserole thing.
  3. Eli

    :D I'm glad you liked it, and I'll try to work on the G/L stuff, I promise... I really want to write more fics about them, I've just created myself some problems I don't want to solve :P I feel like I should close up the series before I start doing independents again, but we'll see :)
  4. Thank you so much for that And I love long reviews! I see after your review that I haven't succeeded completely though, and I'm already seeing things I would have written differently Basically my idea was that she had found the letters and because of it they split, which made Robbie feel like a failure. The essence of this was that despite not loving Tasha that way, he stayed with her because he still loved her and depended on her. I imagine Robbie to be the kind of person who doesn't walk out on somebody just because he realises he's made a mistake staying with them. I think he in his own way would have loved her enough to stay with her and be a great husband and father, and that he would have been willing to do that. So with his life centered around that he lost everything when Tasha found out. I have to say though, this has not been a piece I've worked a lot on. I wrote it in one night, right after I suddenly got the idea. And I only got the idea because I was really pushing myself to write something. I wanted to write another Geoff/Lucas oneshot (another independent sequel to the others) but I sort of regret some of the things I've done to that pairing in the past two oneshots, so I'm finding it very hard to pick that one up again and give it a proper ending, which is what it needs. But I knew I just had to write SOMETHING and post it, just to get back into it, so I came up with this piece. Like I said I'm not 100% pleased with how it turned out, definitely not my best work, but I'm hoping that at least it will get my brain switched back on again so that I can find the inspiration to continue the ongoing series of oneshots I have. I have one version of a new sequel that I've already written most of, but I'm still not sure if I want to use it at all, and if I decide to, I think I need to make another one to post before this one. And I'm still not sure how I want it all to end, because like I said, I've done a few things I see now that I would have done differently Anyway, looong post, sorry! But again, thanks for the review, I'm glad you like the fic
  5. Eli

    Haha, du må komme til Norge igjen, så kan jeg lære deg det, så klarer du det selv! Men metroen i Oslo er dårlig, jeg syns også det er vanskelig å kjøpe billett! :P

    Kommer du på MSN i kveld?

  6. Eli

    Du har veldig bra norsk! Jeg savner allerede litt å være mod, men samtidig er det greit å være vanlig medlem igjen :) Jeg tror ikke jeg vil bo i Oslo, men kanskje Lillehammer? Men Oslo er nær der jeg bor så hvis du kommer til Oslo igjen kan vi møtes uansett :)

  7. Eli

    Haha, det er ikke isbjørn i Nord-Norge, bare på Svalbard, så ikke vær redd :P

    Du kan heller komme og besøke meg! Jeg er mye morsommere enn fisk! Nå er vi vanlige medlemmer igjen, det er litt rart :/

  8. Eli

    Jeg tenkte faktisk på det tidligere i dag! Du kan komme og bo hos meg når jeg flytter til høsten :)

  9. ELLE Interior, a CD for my mom and golden spandex for a former teacher (it's a loooooooooong story )
  10. Dark blue plaid PJs (from the H&M men's collection, so comfy ) and a black and white striped sweater.
  11. Blue denim tights, black tunic and a hot pink belt.
  12. I'm pretty sure the reason why it's not back is - like people have pointed out - that it slows down the forum. We had to remove a lot of features when the board started crashing a little over a year ago. Most of these features are now back, but not the who's reading feature, and one of the report systems for the moderators. Personally I miss them both. But I'd rather live without them than get 30 IPS Driver Error messages every day, like we used to before
  13. Hello again, and yes I was very bored! Still am, in fact! Working only 100% leaves me with waaay too much down time. I might have to go for a walk for like... four hours, just to kill some time. How are all of you guys?
  14. I'm sooo restless and bored.... I've been at work for 12 hours and should probably sleep soon... But... Nah. Anyone here? Cause if nobody starts talking to me soon I'm going to go crazy and do something stupid I shouldn't do
  15. Marine blue college sweater and a huuuge () pair of marine blue, plaid pyjama pants. Yay for shooping in the men's department at H&M
  16. I agree that the sexual tension in the episode was amazing. It was built into every scene. Personally I don't think the two of them ever will happen. But still, I get the feeling that this has something to do with writers hanging around message boards like BttB, seeing the massive interest in this, and the arguments for why it would make a great storyline. So even though I don't think anything more will ever happen between them for various reasons, I choose to believe that this is just a small statement showing that we weren't the only ones thinking it was a good idea. Call it a tribute to the tension and the possibility, if you will. You could call it wishful thinking, but I honestly don't think today's episode was made without thinking about all the stuff we have mentioned. I may be biased, but there was a heck of a lot in that episode that was either very well written (yet discrete) sexual tension, or just some very weird coincidences making it seem like there was. Especially from Lincoln if you ask me. Either he was instructed with something like this, that there should be some sort of subtle undertone of this sort in the scenes, or he just had some very random reactions that didn't make sense in the scenes.
  17. OH.MY.GOD.!! :o Seriously, after Aden said "No, we kissed and made up, didn't we, Geoff" did anyone else SEE the look on Geoff's face?! Like a few seconds later?! Oh my God, please, writers, please, please, PLEASE don't stop this here! Come on, that episode was PERFECT!!!!! THIS is what I've been talking about for so long! THIS is why I think they'd be a perfect storyline! Come on, even ONE episode where they're just trying to be friends, and it's THIS great?! The tension... Oh dear God, I'm going to write fanfics again, God help me. I'm posting in capitals! :D
  18. Not really It's not that difficult though, one of them is with a regular schedule, the other one I choose which shifts I take on, and the third I'm completely free to choose how much I work as I tell them when I want to work instead of the other way around. So as long as you write it down to make sure you don't double book yourself, it's not that difficult
  19. Hehe, yeah I'm working three jobs at the moment, but tomorrow I'm just doing the one at the grocery store
  20. Heeey! I'm leaving pretty soon though, I have to go to work in six and a half hours, and I need some sleep before that... :/
  21. Hello people, anyone here?
  22. Spaghetti with cheese & sparkling water with a twist of lime. I must say I'm absolutely positively super-original when it comes to making new culinary masterpieces
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