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  1. just had a thunderstorm for the 3rd day this week. Lightning right overhead and thunder that's more like a bomb explosion, awesome!
  2. was supposed to be 29C today but only 23C and overcast.
  3. humid muggy sweatypalooza here last couple of days. Big storm yesterday morning aswell.
  4. Sweet Chilli prawns and drinking Bourbon and coke cans
  5. freezing cold, rainy and had some lightning just before. Melbourne winter at it's finest
  6. Freezing cold with rain and thunder. Gotta love summer in Melbourne
  7. god today at work sucked, bloody tropical heat and humidity. Could really feel it today somehow. Couldn't wait to get home and change into light clothes. now 22°C at 1:00am.
  8. Don't like her, she comes across as a real b!tch alot of the time.
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