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  1. Eli

    Support Group

    I completely agree with Zetti, if one councelor doesn't work out, it doesn't mean counceling in general won't help, there are a number of different techniques to help cope with these problems, and different councelors often use different techniques based on what they think will work for you. However, that doesn't always mean they will work for you. I have had some similar problems (mostly depression, but with tendencies towards anxiety) and I have gotten much better without ever going on any type of medication. I found that talking about stuff with a councelor helped to some degree, but what helped me the most was the techniques I was provided to help me cope, and break the cycles of negative thinking. In addition I have tried using other techniques I have read about (I study psychology) and found them effective as well. On the other hand I have a friend with very similar problems to mine, and she was prescribed anti depressants, which worked very well for her. The studies for effective treatment on depression (don't remember when it comes to anxiety, but I believe they are the same) suggests that medication isn't always the best answer. That is not to say it doesn't work wonders for a lot of people, because they do, but they're not for everyone, and other approaches have proven to be more effective in many studies (again, depression, I don't remember about anxiety). If you don't want to go on medication, I don't think any GP or councelor would push them on you, and they certainly couldn't force them on you. Going to see your GP might still be a good idea though, I don't know how it works in other countries, but I assume it's the same as here, which is they can refer you to a councelor if you want to give that a try again. Also a lot of schools and universities have their own counceling programs, you might not even need a doctor's referral. If you feel like a treatment isn't working, let the councelor know, and you can work out alternative approaches. Also, remember that a lot of techniques take a long time. Some of the techniques I have used have seemed downright silly because they seemed "too simple" and almost like "why did I pay money for this, if it was that simple I would't have had this problem at all", but the truth is these things take time and effort. I'm not saying just anything will work, but speaking for myself, some of these techniques that I thought sounded too plain and simple have helped me greatly change the way I think, eliminating many problems. Just remember that you're not alone, you'd be surprised at how many people struggle with problems like these. My point is, you never know who has these problems, because people get better all the time, and even if it doesn't seem like it, it can (and very probably will) get better! You've already done something good for yourself by seeking help once, that is a big step a lot of people are afraid to take, so even if it didn't work out the way you hoped, you have done the right thing, and if you just try again you really have nothing to lose, there's a great chance it will work out better the next time
  2. Lise

    Happy Birthday, Eli! I hope you have a great day.

  3. Light blue skinny jeans, a light ble tank top and a white shirt.
  4. A grey tunic, a black belt and a frozen bag of come sort of chicken salady casserole thing.
  5. Eli

    :D I'm glad you liked it, and I'll try to work on the G/L stuff, I promise... I really want to write more fics about them, I've just created myself some problems I don't want to solve :P I feel like I should close up the series before I start doing independents again, but we'll see :)
  6. Thank you so much for that And I love long reviews! I see after your review that I haven't succeeded completely though, and I'm already seeing things I would have written differently Basically my idea was that she had found the letters and because of it they split, which made Robbie feel like a failure. The essence of this was that despite not loving Tasha that way, he stayed with her because he still loved her and depended on her. I imagine Robbie to be the kind of person who doesn't walk out on somebody just because he realises he's made a mistake staying with them. I think he in his own way would have loved her enough to stay with her and be a great husband and father, and that he would have been willing to do that. So with his life centered around that he lost everything when Tasha found out. I have to say though, this has not been a piece I've worked a lot on. I wrote it in one night, right after I suddenly got the idea. And I only got the idea because I was really pushing myself to write something. I wanted to write another Geoff/Lucas oneshot (another independent sequel to the others) but I sort of regret some of the things I've done to that pairing in the past two oneshots, so I'm finding it very hard to pick that one up again and give it a proper ending, which is what it needs. But I knew I just had to write SOMETHING and post it, just to get back into it, so I came up with this piece. Like I said I'm not 100% pleased with how it turned out, definitely not my best work, but I'm hoping that at least it will get my brain switched back on again so that I can find the inspiration to continue the ongoing series of oneshots I have. I have one version of a new sequel that I've already written most of, but I'm still not sure if I want to use it at all, and if I decide to, I think I need to make another one to post before this one. And I'm still not sure how I want it all to end, because like I said, I've done a few things I see now that I would have done differently Anyway, looong post, sorry! But again, thanks for the review, I'm glad you like the fic
  7. Jen

    Eli wrote fanfic *dances* :D

  8. Eli

    Haha, du må komme til Norge igjen, så kan jeg lære deg det, så klarer du det selv! Men metroen i Oslo er dårlig, jeg syns også det er vanskelig å kjøpe billett! :P

    Kommer du på MSN i kveld?

  9. Cal

    Lillehammer ser veldig fint. Kanskje de vil være vert for vinter-OL igjen. :P Du må vise meg hvordan å kjøpe en billett på metroen fordi jeg ikke kunne gjøre den siste tiden. :P

  10. Eli

    Du har veldig bra norsk! Jeg savner allerede litt å være mod, men samtidig er det greit å være vanlig medlem igjen :) Jeg tror ikke jeg vil bo i Oslo, men kanskje Lillehammer? Men Oslo er nær der jeg bor så hvis du kommer til Oslo igjen kan vi møtes uansett :)

  11. Cal

    Det er bra, fordi jeg misliker isbjørn. :D Vil du bo i Oslo? Jeg elsket det kongelige palasset og den samiske museum. Jeg liker å være et vanlig medlem, men jeg er ikke vist i noen av medlemslister. Jeg tror jeg er brutt. : P

    Beklager, min norsk er dårlig.

  12. Eli

    Haha, det er ikke isbjørn i Nord-Norge, bare på Svalbard, så ikke vær redd :P

    Du kan heller komme og besøke meg! Jeg er mye morsommere enn fisk! Nå er vi vanlige medlemmer igjen, det er litt rart :/

  13. Cal

    Tusen takk. :P Far ønsker å fiske i Nord-Norge, men jeg ønsker ikke å bli spist av en isbjørn. :(

  14. Eli

    Jeg tenkte faktisk på det tidligere i dag! Du kan komme og bo hos meg når jeg flytter til høsten :)

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