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  1. Thats okay! Been up too much? P.S. Anyone else here? Im so bored!
  2. Hey, how are you? I hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend (:

  3. Well done Lise Mrs baker - im good thankyou, how are you?
  4. Lol! I haven't even started any of my christmas shopping yet..
  5. Hey. Anyone here? It's been ages!
  6. A plate of fruit to try and make me feel better.
  7. Yeah, shes amazing!


  8. ^ I hope you get better soon Grumble
  9. Amazing update! The colouring is absouletly gorgeous
  10. Oh Wow! Jen, The Update Is So Amazing! Belle Looks Amazing In Them All. I Saved One, If Used I Will Promise To Upload & Credit
  11. Aww :(

    Yeah last night's episode was so sad. I loved the parts that Nicole had with Belle, it was so cute :)


  12. My hometown in New Zealand (:


  13. Woah!

    That's alot for one day :P

    Umm I'm off to my hometown in New Zealand (:


  14. That's good (:

    Yes I love the storylines! And Adelle, :(

    Im gonna need some kleenex too. I can just imagine what I'm going to be like when it happens :(


  15. Hey (:

    Im good thanks, how are you?


  16. That's good (:

    Umm not alot really.. Going on holidays soon!


  17. That's Good (:

    Yeah Things Are Pretty Good For Me!

    Going On Holidays Soon :D


  18. No, sorry. Although I would like ones of her smiling.
  19. My black & white nighty with a pink bow
  20. Hey.

    Haven't Talked In A Bit :P

    How Are You?


  21. Is it ok if someone could please make me a banner of Annie?
  22. Oh awesome :D

    Im good thanks, yourself?!


  23. Hey :D

    I hope you don't mind but I added you as a friend.


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