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  1. Emma

    Support Group

    Grr.. Im so sick of everything lately. I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago & had a farewell party.. The guy that i lost my virginity too a few months ago & who I really do love came to this farewell party a few weeks ago, had a GF at the time but I was too stupid too care. Things happened, a couple days later the GF & her friends found out. A couple of days later I went back to Australia because thats when my tickets were booked for. Ive been talking to her on bebo & been trying to tell her what happened but she just wont believe me. Ever since then all shes been doing is calling me horrible names & the guy that I love has been too. I said some hurtful things too, but I apologized. I kept trying to tell him I am sorry for butting into their relationship, even though he cheated on the girl & im just doing the right thing by telling her what happened. I have been called fat, ugly, been told by him that I need to get hit by a train - but then he said that it will do more damage to the train than it will to me because im so fat. Im sick of hearing things like these just when Im trying to help everyone out. Everyday I think about this guy & how much he meant to me. It tears me apart to see him with another girl & upsets me so much to think back on how he treated me. It makes me wonder if he cared about me in the first place? Im just so tired of it all
  2. Emma

    General Chat

    Thats okay! Been up too much? P.S. Anyone else here? Im so bored!
  3. Hey, how are you? I hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend (:

  4. Emma

    General Chat

    Well done Lise Mrs baker - im good thankyou, how are you?
  5. Emma

    General Chat

    Lol! I haven't even started any of my christmas shopping yet..
  6. Emma

    General Chat

    Hey. Anyone here? It's been ages!
  7. A plate of fruit to try and make me feel better.
  8. Emma

    General Chat

    Hey everyone, im bored
  9. Hey Em, have a great holiday! xo

  10. Yeah, shes amazing!


  11. Yeah, she's really turning out to be a loyal friend. I'm liking her more now XD

  12. Emma

    General Chat

    ^ I hope you get better soon Grumble
  13. Amazing update! The colouring is absouletly gorgeous
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