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    Home and Away, Skins, Criminal Minds, Fringe and Lost.

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    Well welll welll... it's a really good question. My interests. Seriously. I'm interested in a lot of stuff, but really, I don't have any hobbies other than... well, anything really, and I can't be bothered to think about it. :D

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  1. Woo! FTW <3!!! Not long until the official Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby realease either. Cyndi Lauper Time After Time. I know right! I'm so excited!!! I actually love them more than life itself right now Defying Gravity - Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) version <3
  2. twould be my John&Edward playlist right now <3
  3. Happy Birthday !

    Have a good one :)



  4. whyy its not like anyones gonna be snooping on ur comments KAT. Anyway wot the fook are you doin

  5. You shouldnt be writingthat on a public forum JADE.

  6. Wtf is it with woodlice in this house? its. so. irritating.

    ohh, that remix of the way we talk ;) sex sells and your sex celllssss xD

  7. woops, just commented on my sisters accountm forgot to log onto mine - It's Jayde here by the way, LOL.

  8. Oh, thank youu! :D Yeah, I miss her too!

  9. Yeah but unlike you I aint on here evry day... and you havent ahd one in two months so... bleh to you.

  10. I love this av. The colours are amazing in it! Could I use it please?
  11. lol saddo you havent had a comment in over a year. sadder even, i remember typing that last comment a sif it were yesterday :P

  12. ^^ Bittuva wasted shot in the end as well... Watching Eurovision... it's creeping me out xD
  13. I need to see Star Trek right now. Literally, I need to see it. GIDDY. I've waited long for this movie. Oh so long.
  14. Dr Pepper, Crisps, Chocolate bar. Yum yum.
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