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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments


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Soooooo glad she went with the name Amelia !!!! or more to the point, I was sooooo hoping she would !!!

GREAT chapter, especially ……

 Her eyes, her little nose, her chin, the little brown curl. It was like she was a clone of Ruby. Charlie felt her eyes stinging as she heard a little sound coming from the baby. She knew it wasn’t the baby’s fault, she couldn’t help that she looked like her sister, she couldn’t help that she arrived too late to save her. It was her fault. She blamed herself. She should have had the idea sooner, she should have asked Grant to make a saviour sibling as soon as Ruby had been diagnosed, that way, this baby would have saved Ruby.

 “Going over them in my mind......well one name keeps coming back to me and it’s not a gemstone name like Ruby wanted but I know she’s looking down on us today and she’d be happy with my choice,” Charlie paused as she wiped her eyes. “I know she would be,” Charlie took a deep breath as she looked down to the baby more closely. She exhaled as she ran her hand gently over the baby’s forehead. “My little Amelia....Amelia Ruby Buckton.”

 “Eugh,” Romeo shivered. “I saw.....so much more than I was supposed to see. That’s not pretty,” Romeo shook his head. “That puts me off ever having kids and I don’t even need to give birth.”

Leah laughed lightly. “What happened to your head?”

“When the baby came out and I saw the bit I didn’t want to see....I fainted,” Romeo said. “Cracked my head against the corner of the bedside table before hitting the floor.”

 “She’s going to get me through this. That’s what you are going to say next, right?”

Leah pulled back from the hug, she couldn’t deny it. That probably was what was going to come out of her mouth or words to that effect.

 “I’m sure I’ll have plenty chances to feed her,” Charlie answered. “Please, can you do it?” Leah heard the pleading in Charlie’s voice.

Leah exhaled as she sat back down on the chair and took the bottle from Charlie, placing it into Amelia’s mouth, who took it straight away. “So, has you’re milk not came in yet?” Leah asked.

“I don’t know,” Charlie shrugged her shoulders. “But I’m not breastfeeding anyways so it doesn’t really matter if it has or hasn’t.”

“Aww, but Charlie breastfeeding helps with bonding and -”

“I said I’m not breastfeeding her,” Charlie raised her voice. “Now please can you just feed her and let me get some sleep.” Charlie said as she lay down in the bed, turning on her side so she was facing away from Leah. She exhaled lightly before clenching her eyes tightly shut, but not before letting a single tear escape her eye

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Chapter 43 - I'm glad Miles was able to get through to Charlie. I liked Charlie and Romeo's talk.

Chapter 44 - I like that Brax is looking out for Charlie.

Chapter 45 - I'm glad Romeo was there for Charlie and got her to the hospital in time.

Chapter 46 - I love the name. :wub: I hope Charlie bonds with the baby soon.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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I thought it was going be Brax at the door as well. You fooled us all with that abit Danni. :)

I think Charlie's coping quite well with Amelia considering how upset she is over Ruby.

Had to laugh at Romeo fainting and banging his head at the sight of Charlie giving birth. That would be a scary sight. :lol:

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