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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments


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Great writing once again Danni, I am in tears :cryingsmiley: I feel so sorry for Charlie and Romeo!! What on earth was Brax thinking offering Charlie a drink? I think he needs to go back and talk to her or just comfort her!!

Cannot wait for more, please update soon! Xx

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Those last 2 chapters were SUBLIME …….and VERY very BRAVE …….to actually kill Ruby off like that !!!!!

ALL of it was AWEOME ……. especially …..

“I shouldn’t be standing here today saying goodbye to my daughter.....because.....how can I? I’m not supposed to be burying my child and I’m never ever going to be able to say goodbye. There are no words to describe how I feel right now and even though I’m surrounded by my friends and Romeo, I’ve never felt more alone in all my life than I have these past few days without Ruby. She was more than just my daughter.....she was.....we had something special and I....” Charlie trailed off as she felt more tears rolling down her cheeks. “She was the life of the party and she was a kind, sweet, smart, caring, bright, passionate girl and....” Charlie took a deep breath. “I’m sorry....I can’t....” Charlie broke down in tears, taking a step back.

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Awesome chapter :)

Glad Miles got through to Charlie

Liked the chat between Charlie and Romeo

Update soon

And um...Danni, I want to say thanks for the comments you had posted on my fanfiction The Beginning. Because it will be soon finished at Chapter 57. Had posted Chapter 56. So thought I should thank you for commenting on my fanfiction. :) *hugs* xx

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Awww Miles was amazing..glad he went back and spoke with Charlie! I love that Charlie is giving Romeo Rubys share of the money to live their dream..so sweet! Looking forward to the next chapter...hoping Brax will stop by and apologise or just be there for Charlie soon! :) Great writing once again! Xx

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