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Chapter 47 - I'm glad Charlie is starting to bond with Amelia. I feel sorry for Romeo. I thought it was Brax at the door aswell.

Chapter 48 - It's great that Charlie and Bianca are friends again.

Chapter 49 - I love that Brax visited Charlie. I hope Amelia's ok.

Chapter 50 - I'm glad Amelia's rash wasn't anything serious. Charlie and Brax are back together. :wub:

Chapter 51 - Aw, Charlie and Brax got engaged. :wub:

Chapter 52 - I loved Amelia talking about Ruby.

Chapter 53 - Great chapter. :D

Looking forward to the last chapter.

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That was REALLY REALLY GREAT, especially …..

 “Mines is rather simple compared to Charlie’s. Miles is rather simple.” Leah picked up Thomas from his pram, lifting him into a hug.

“Did you just call your partner simple?” Charlie questioned as she sat down, lifting Lucia into her arms.

“Oh no no, I didn’t mean it to sound like that I...” Leah paused as she rubbed her forehead. “I eh -”

“We know,”

 “It’s not that I’m not sure,” Charlie shook her head. “I think it could be good for us too, but, it’s just...leaving all you guys behind and Romeo, he’s like my son and leaving him behind....then there’s Ruby,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “She’s laid to rest here and if I move...what 3000 kilometre away I’m scared I won’t feel close to her.”

You will,” Bianca said softly. “No matter where you are in this world you’ll always feel close to Rubes.”

 Of course she’d miss them, there was no question about it, but Ruby was the only thing really keeping her in the bay right now.

“You’ve not told Brax about the Ruby thing, have you?” Bianca questioned.

Charlie shook her head. “I shouldn’t need too. He should know.”

“Sometimes people can’t see what’s right in front of them,” Leah said. “Just tell him and maybe once you’ve talked it over with him, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to do.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Charlie exhaled as she took another drink of her coffee. She knew she needed to talk to Brax about the real reason she was hesitant to move, but he seemed really up for going so she didn’t want to disappoint him. She exhaled once again as she looked at her daughter who was busy having a conversation with Rocco, before looking down to her son in her arms, knowing she had to think about their future too and that this wasn’t going to be a decision that they made lightly.

 “Come with us if you want,” Brax said. “We obviously love you, and little Amelia adores you and your family so we’d have no problems with you coming with us. Might actually make Charlie more happy with the idea, she really doesn’t want to leave you behind.”

“You know it’s probably Ruby that she doesn’t want to leave behind, right?” Romeo questioned.

“Ah Ruby I didn’t even think...” Brax trailed off as he rubbed the back of his head. “Of course it’s Ruby.”

 “But I is only little so you’d have to help,” Amelia said as she pulled the bits of play dough from her hand. “And we’d call her Mopsy and she’d be all fluffy and have floppy ears. Please mummy,” Charlie exhaled lightly and thought if they did end up moving then a pet might not be such a bad idea for Amelia. “It would be my best friend and -”

“Wait a minute,” Charlie interrupted sounding shocked at her daughter. “You mean mummy isn’t your best friend?”

“Yeah,” Amelia nodded. “You are my best mummy friend and the rabbit could be my best rabbit friend.”

 “I don’t want to feel like she’s not around anymore. I’m scared that if I move to a new place where she’s never been that I’m not going to find her with me.”

“Of course you will,” Brax nodded as he walked forward and took Charlie’s hands into his, rubbing them gently. “Ruby is always going to be with you no matter where you are. You love her so much and she’s always going to in here,” Brax placed one on his hands against her chest, where her heart would be. “And in here,” Brax moved his hand up and gently rubbed Charlie’s head. “You don’t need to be close to where Ruby is buried to remember her because she’s in your heart and your mind forever,” Charlie smiled lightly at what Brax said and she knew he would most probably be right. “And as I said this morning we will always be able to come back to visit not only our friends but Rubes too. And when we get to the new place we can plant a tree in the garden, a flowering shrub, put a bench out on the porch in her memory, anything you want, so you have a place there too for Rubes.”

Charlie felt herself welling up with tears. “You’re right, I eh....yeah.” Charlie cleared a lump from her throat. “I want to do this....I want us to move.”

“Yeah?” Brax smiled. “Only if you’re sure babe.”

“Like you say, Ruby will always be in here,” Charlie placed her hand on her chest close to her heart. “And we can make some sort of memorial out there for her too. I eh....I think this is a good opportunity for us and we should go. I want to go.” Brax smiled lightly as he wrapped his arms around Charlie and placed a soft kiss on her head. He rubbed her back as she wrapped her arms around him, and the pair stood in the embrace, both of them scared, but excited for their future away from Summer Bay.

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Been lacking on comments lately but I have been reading and have loved every chapter

love that Romeo is still very much part of the family

and Amelia is right diva isn't she :)

love that Brax and Charlie have tom

Really sad that there is only one chapter left, Really have enjoyed this story

looking forward to the last chapter :)

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