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LOOOOVE the fast forward …… to see how everyone’s going now !!!!

That was ACE, especially …..

 When he went into a deep depression a few months following her death, Charlie was eventually the one who helped him out of it and like she had promised, she gave him the money so he could go travelling and live out his and Ruby’s dream, along with Dexter and April. Romeo would send a postcard for Charlie from each destination that he visited and would often send out a little parcel, with a small gift for Charlie and Amelia in. He stayed with Charlie for a while longer when he arrived home, but around 6 months ago, he decided it was time to move out and allowed Charlie, Brax and the kids to be a family.

 “Well Thomas couldn’t have been any bother, could he?” Romeo stuck his head in the pram as he cooed down to the baby. “You’re too little to make noise.”

Charlie gave a laugh. “Apart from when he is hungry or tired or has a dirty nappy or just wants to be held.”

“Oh dear and here was me under the impression that you were a good little baby,” Romeo said as he lightly tickled Thomas’ chin resulting in a gummy grin. “I can’t believe how much he looks like Brax. It’s kind of scary.”

“Well Amelia is the double of Rubes,” Charlie answered. “I didn’t think a kid could look so much like their sister. Unless they were identical twins of course,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “But you know what I mean, right?”

“Yeah,” Romeo nodded. “But I love that she looks like Rubes. She’s keeping her alive for us.”

 She watched a dark haired girl walk passed them and give Romeo a smile. She watched as Romeo smiled back as she walked down onto the beach. “Who’s she?”

“Morgan,” Romeo answered. “She’s in April’s uni class and I’ve met her a couple of times.”

“Oh.” Charlie raised her eyebrows.

“Not like that,” Romeo shook his head, trying to deny interest in her as he glanced at her quickly, seeing her take off her shorts and singlet, so she was only in her bikini, before sitting down on the sand with her book. “No-one will come close to Ruby so I don’t see the point in dating.”

Charlie pursed her lips together. “You know Ruby would want you to move on, right? She’d want you to be happy and find someone to spend the rest of your life with.”

“I love Ruby,” Romeo answered. “And I am always going to love her. How can I try to be with someone else when I love Ruby?”

“I know that Ruby will always be special to you, but you can find love again. You deserve to be happy and to have someone to love and someone to love you back, just like Ruby did. I don’t doubt that you will always feel something for Ruby but it doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with someone else. It’s time to try and move on Romeo,” Charlie took a step closer to him and lightly rubbed his arm. “You’ve waited a long time and no-one is going to judge you for wanting that love, that company, that closeness again with another woman.”

Romeo exhaled as he glanced out a Morgan again. “She is pretty. She likes to surf like me and Ruby did. She....she does seem nice.”

“Look, I’m not forcing you to go and ask her out. It doesn’t even have to be with Morgan, but all I am saying is there is no harm in trying and I want you to be happy and find love again and....just don’t let what happened with Ruby put you off for life. Falling in love is amazing and don’t be scared to move on.”

 “Rings for the wedding.” Amelia spoke excitedly. Not realising that she was ruining the surprise. “Daddy said it’s called ingagemints.”

“Amelia,” Brax exhaled. “Daddy told you to keep quiet about that.”

“Woopsies,” Amelia covered her face with her hands as Romeo put her back down on the ground. “Sorry.”

 “Kissing ingagemints,” Amelia giggled as she pulled on Charlie’s top. “Me too mummy.” Charlie pulled back and lifted her daughter into her arms. Amelia wrapped her arms around Charlie’s neck as she kissed her cheek.

“I’m sorry it had to be like this though.” Brax said as he wrapped his arm around Charlie as Amelia put one arm around Brax’s neck; the 3 of them huddled close together.

“Brax, this was perfect,” Charlie smiled. “Me and you getting engaged with the kids here in front of the ocean, which we all love. It was more that perfect.” Charlie said as she leaned forward and placed another kiss on his lips. “I love you.”

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Poor Brax at the start ... all the interuptions :lol:

Almost lost it when Amelia told Charlie she wasn't allowed to see Brax naked because he was a boy and she was a girl ... haahaa too cute!

The moment Charlie had with Amelia re Ruby was really sweet .. but boy doesn't that little lady have an attitude LOL

The move could be interesting??

Look forward to the last couple of chapters :D


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Absolutely ADORED Amelia in that chapter!!!!

That was sooooooooooooo FANTASTIC !!!!, especially ….

 “Ahhhh mummy mummy mummy it’s a monster,” Amelia yelled as she burst into the room. Brax quickly rolled off Charlie as Charlie reached under her pillow, pulling her blue silky nightdress out from underneath it, and putting it on as Amelia stood and took in the situation with a rather strange look on her face. Brax leaned over his side of the bed and picked up his boxers, before putting them on and making an exit from the bedroom. “Why you and daddy be naked?” Amelia questioned as she climbed up onto the bed.

“Eh....we were just getting ready for bed.” Charlie answered as she bit her lip, hoping that that answer would be enough and the questions would stop there.

“You not allowed.” Amelia shook her head.

“To get ready for bed?” Charlie questioned.

“No,” Amelia shook her head. “To see daddy naked.”

“Oh I’m not?” Charlie questioned as she bit her lip, trying not to laugh at her daughter’s innocence.

“No cos he is a boy and you is a girl.” Amelia answered.

“Ah I see,” Charlie gave a slight nod of her head. “Well you keep believing that for another 20 years and I am sure daddy will be happy.”

 “Ruby no let them get me if there was them ay no?” Amelia said and Charlie shook her head. “I see Ruby before bed?” Amelia questioned and Charlie nodded lightly as she walked over to the window and pulled her blind open. “There she is,” Amelia grinned as she pointed out to the brightest star she could see in the sky. Charlie had told Amelia she had a big sister who was now a star in the sky, looking over her and protecting her. Whenever Amelia asked to see Ruby she always picked out the brightest star she could find. “Look mummy, there.” Amelia put her hand over the window.

“I see her,” Charlie smiled lightly as she thought about Ruby. She wondered how she would have taken the engagement, the fact that she told Romeo it was okay to move on.

 Although he’d help raise Amelia since she was a week old, having his own biological children was important to Brax and Charlie knew how much he loved being a dad by the way he spoke with his kids.

 Sugar,” Brax exhaled. “Does it really matter?”

“To Amelia,” Charlie nodded. “Banana is supposed to go on first,” Charlie rolled her eyes at Brax before looking down to Amelia who was sitting with her face screwed up as she looked to her breakfast, like Brax was making her eat something disgusting. “Amelia, sweetheart, it’s still going to taste the same.”

“No it won’t,” Amelia shook her head. “You make it right mummy.”

“No, that’s perfectly fine,” Charlie said as she hit her index finger against the table. “You can eat that.”

“But daddy did it wrong,” Amelia sighed, fast becoming frustrated. “He makes pancakes good, you make the rest.”

“I’m not making it for you again. Eat that or you don’t get any breakfast, you’re choice.” Charlie said before looking back up to Brax.

 “It’s not like it’s a promotion or pay rise or anything,” Charlie shrugged. “I’m flattered she remembers me and that she thinks I am a great cop, but...I don’t know, the job is in Britley Bay which is around an hours drive from Perth.”

“Perth Australia?” Brax questioned.

“No, Perth Scotland,” Charlie sighed. “Yes Brax, Perth Australia.”

 Charlie exhaled as she walked through to the living room and picked up a picture of Ruby from the cabinet.

“And I know for sure that I can’t leave you behind.” Charlie took a deep breath as she ran her hand over the picture of her daughter as she thought about what she should do.

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