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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments


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Oh that very sad. You wrote it brilliantly

It does look like all hope is now gone sadly.

I was alright up untill Ruby was telling Charlie and Romeo to move on without her. Then I was thinking I might actually cry here. I could feel the tears on their way anyway. :) That has never happened before when I have been reading a story. So well done for that. :P

Epic chapter.

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Amazing few updates Danni

cant deny the stink in my eye when i realised Ruby was actually going to die :( kept hoping a transplant would become available for her

I can already see this is going be rough for Charlie and kinda annoyed at Brax that he wasn't there for the both of them

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Fantastic updates! :D

Chapter 38 - I loved Ruby and Romeo's paint fight.

Chapter 39 - I liked Charlie and Romeo's talk.

Chapter 40 - Hopefully the baby might come early.

Chapter 41 - Brilliantly written chapter, Danni.

Chapter 42 - That was such a sad chapter. :( I hope Miles can get through to Charlie.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Oh dear. When I read that the baby was a match for Ruby I thought great. I did not think that Ruby would die. That was a complete shock. I am glad that Miles is going to help Charlie though I think she will shout at him to begin with. I keep hoping that Brax and Charlie will make up but they have a long way to go. I lookmforward to reading the next chapter. I am enjoying your story despite the sadness of Ruby dying. I am glad that Romeo was there for Charlie at the funeral.

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