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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments


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WHAT?! Noooooooo! Only a few more chapters! I am seriously so upset! :cryingsmiley:

I hope to see another fanfiction on the way maybe even a Heath and Bianca based one :blink:

Just don't want to see you stop writing Danni as you are definitely one of the best writers on the forum!

Another amazing chapter yet again!

So glad Chax are reunited! Pity we can't see where they would go down the track :(

Hopefully there is some more stories coming our way!

Update soon Danni :wub:

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That’s a pity that there’s not much left of this fic!!!! I REALLY love it, especially [this time round]……

 “I’m worried about her....I....I feel guilty.”

“What do you have to feel guilty about?” Brax questioned. “It’s not as if this is your fault.”

“But it is,” Charlie looked around to Brax as she spoke. “I’ve not been the best mother I can to her. I’ve been ignoring her and I....if anything is wrong with her it’s my fault. I should have looked after her better.”

 “Charlie, she is only a week old,” Sid answered. “She’s still developing a personality so you can’t say she wasn’t herself. Amelia is fine. Now go and see her, yeah?”

“Thanks,” Charlie smiled at Sid before walking into the room. “Hey baby,” Charlie said as she lifted her daughter out of the cot. “Mummy is so sorry for ignoring you. She really is and from now on I promise I’m going to be the best mother I can be to you, okay, I promise you,” Charlie smiled lightly as she placed a soft kiss on Amelia’s cheek. “How did I not notice, Brax,” Charlie said as she ooked up to the doorway where Brax was standing. “I should have notice.”

“You would have when you went to feed her.” Brax answered.

“It might have been there all morning, maybe even from the night before. She’s my daughter and I should have noticed sooner.” Charlie said, her voice almost breaking.

“Charlie stop beating yourself up about this,” Brax stepped forward as he spoke. “Amelia is fine and that’s all that matters.” Brax smiled as he lightly rubbed her forehead.

“You know I still worry I’m not going to love her like I love Ruby,” Charlie felt herself opening up to Brax. “Sometimes I wonder if I even love her at all.”

“Of course you love her,” Brax answered. “Look how worried you were about her. I think it’s very obvious you love her.”

“You think?” Charlie questioned.

“Of course, and you know you do too,” Brax said. “You’re just scared to admit it because you feel like you are betraying Ruby.”

“Not quiet,” Charlie shook her head. “I’m scared I’m not going to love her like I love Ruby.”

Brax exhaled lightly as he rubbed her arm. “You won’t,” Brax said and Charlie looked slightly surprised by his comment. “You loved Ruby for who she was and you’re going to love Amelia because f who she is. It’s not going to be the same kind of love but you’re going to love her just as much.” Charlie smiled lightly at her daughter as she fell asleep in her arms.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Charlie smiled as she continued to gaze at her daughter. “I do love her, of course I love her. How could I not love her?” Charlie questioned. “I mean look at her, she is gorgeous, isn’t she?”

 “Of course I can accept her,” Brax smiled lightly as he looked down to Amelia who was sound asleep in Charlie’s arms. “I want the three of us to be a family.” Brax smiled as he lightly rubbed Amelia’s little hand before looking back up to Charlie and placing a soft kiss on her lips.

 Romeo arranged the flowers in front of the grave. “Hey babe,” Romeo exhaled. “I miss seeing your beautiful face every day,” Romeo paused as he cleared a lump in his throat. “Well I can still see it. I just need to close my eyes and you are there. I hear your voice in different situations,” Romeo gave a little laugh. “A witty exchange with Dexter, or when April starts going on about girly things....well I really miss you then. Me and Dex need to put up with it,” Romeo laughed once again.

 but she’ll come visit you soon. She will, I promise. It’s just such a hard thing to face. It’s hard enough for me so I’m not sure how your mum will cope with coming here,” Romeo exhaled. “Sorry if I am boring you but I just like being here talking to you. I feel so much closer to you. So, I’m just going to talk for a while okay,” Romeo took a deep breath as he felt a tear rolling down his cheek. “I miss you so much. I wish you didn’t leave me. Why weren’t you strong enough? You were strong, you should have be able to fight this....it’s just not fair. I love you and miss you so much.” Romeo sniffed back as he felt more tears wanting to fall. He leaned his head forward and leaned against the headstone, letting the tears fall for his girlfriend who would always be sadly missed in his life.

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You so had me at the start ... Just assumed it was Amelia in the pram! Lol :)

I adored this update ... My favourite thus far!

Really liked how Charlie told Romeo it was ok to love again, their relationship is really sweet!

Haha Amelia ruining Brax's surprise ... Too cute! Can't believe Chax have a little mini Brax lol :)

So excited that Chax are finally engaged :D .... Can't wait to see how you finish this all up!

Awesome job Danni ... Xx

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Awww I too thought it was Amelia in the pram lol love that they have had Thomas! Can't believe Amelia ruined the surprise lol but it was still so beautiful!! :wub: Really felt for Romeo...so glad Charlie had a chat to him and he went down to talk to Morgan!

Fab chapter Danni, looking forward to the next one! Please update soon! Xx

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