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Xavier Austin - David Jones-Roberts


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I just thought Id start the discussion for Xavier.


I think he is the best addition to the Bay in a good while and is so funny.

He is the best teen character in the show at the moment and I hope he sticks around for a long time to come.

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^^ Yeah me too and its very unusual for me to like a character after just ! day in the bay. The others have taken a while to grow on me,but I think hes just so loveable and he has a great personality.He is now officially my 2nd fave after Charlie :)

I cant wait to see how him and Ruby get on as well they are so suited.Also I cant wait for his brother to arrive Higo.

Xavier is going to really shake things up and I cant wait.

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I'm looking forward to seeing Xavier back in the show on Monday, along with the rest of the Austins, as I like Xavier, as I think he's a good character, from what i'd seen of him, in the final week of the 2008 season,& David plays him well, so Mondays episode should be good with the arrival of the Austins :D

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I think he is cute. I hope that he gets together with Ruby. I can't wait for his other brother to arrive the one played by Kain O'Keefe he was in Blue Water High as Guy. He was in Home & Away a few years ago remember that guy who took Matilda to the party and drugged her? He is cute. I loved him in Pirate Islands Lost treasure of Fiji.

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I'm not really fond of him and the Ruby relationship made me cringe at how desperate she was.

I agree with that. It seemed like it happened in the space of about an episode and then he left. Was I supposed to care about them as a couple? I really didn't. I do like what I've seen of him, although that's not enough to decide whether I really like him or not. But I do think he's quite funny :P

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