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Leah Patterson/Baker - Ada Nicodemou

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I know neither Leah or Irene are being very likeable at moment but I am finding my self siding with Leah as Leah least has excuse of standing up for her son and looking out for new born. I think

I understand that the character is being written that way and I don't want her gone.  But these days I'm finding Leah to be really annoying.  She has become something of a bully in her relationships w

Not quite, Don was part of the main cast for 3456 episodes - Leah is currently at 3410 episodes. She'll overtake him when Episode 6250 airs (last week of July from a quick calculation)

Oh dear. Leah still remains relegated to a support role. :( After Brendan blinded Roman I thought she was going to feature more heavily in the storyline but I guess that was more a beginning of the end for him. I really, really liked her and Roman together and every time they were on screen together I couldn’t wipe the smile of my face. It was such a shame their short lived relationship was brought to an abrupt end. At UK pace she was only in one episode last week. At times it’s frustrating because I think whenever she does more than serve food (such as her 30th for instance) she’s great. And she does scrub up very nicely if I do say so myself, especially when she socialising i.e. the baby shower.

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Poor Leah, as the poster above said, she's always given the 'support' roles it seems. Now, whilst Irene was long overdue a good storyline, I think that Leah was skipped over too much - we had that tiny snippet of her, during the very brief Roman relationship but aside from taht she's just the shoulder that everyone leans on.

I mean, I would have thought that during the trek, she would have been prone to some emotion seeing as it was in relation to her own husband that had passed away?! I dunno, it seems to me that H&A skips over the emotions of mourning lost loves too quickly but then again it's a soap, maybe that's the idea.

At least Leah hasn't been sleeping around completely like most of the others do... But, I would like to see her in a more active role. Maybe for

Belle's funeral

we'll see more of her, though no doubt that will concentrate on Aden, Irene & Annie [which I suppose is fair enough]

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I think Ada is worthy of bigger storylines as well. I hope now that we're seeing the end of the Belle storyline and the Charlie/Ruby one is airing, we will get to see her get some big storylines of her own.

I have been thinking about what I was reading about Leah getting a new love and wondering who it will be. After seeing her reaction to Sid I was wondering if it will be him. She seems to really dislike him... but we know that love can always follow once you get to know someone properly. It would also open up another angle,

with Nicole's feelings for Sid.

Alternatively, I was wondering if Liam will be the next love of Leah's life.

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I'm not sure whether this is the right place. or where to put this but I'm wondering if someone can help me what the episode number where leah gets a call about Vinnie dying and its VJs 1st birthday? Thanks again.

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I am so disappointed in what the writers have given Leah this year. Compared to most other characters she's had nothing storylines and is constantly in the background. I'm tired of seeing her getting messed up in Kirsty and Miles business and being used just as a supporting charatcer. She's capable of a lot more and i really hope next year she gets some decent material of her own. I always love her little scenes with Rachel, i think it's the only relationship that seems to be constantly well written and realistic and hope they keep that up. I would like to see more of VJ though but not always acting as a little brat. I think there's a lot of potential there.

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