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Leah Patterson/Baker - Ada Nicodemou


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On 02/12/2019 at 02:11, JamesC10 said:

Almost 20 years of Leah which is fantastic but I hope there are some new refreshing storylines for her. I wouldn’t want Leah to be a tired character. 

If James Stewart is in it for the long haul, the long term plan is probably to build a family around Leah and Justin. They could introduce Ava as a regular and give them a stray or two. They tried building a family around Leah with Zac, Matt, Hunter, a recast VJ, Oscar and Evie, but it fell apart pretty quickly. 

It would give her more of a purpose, whereas she's pretty much been a spare part since mid 2017 onwards. 



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On 12/09/2018 at 23:35, j.laur5 said:

I mean by personality not by looks.

Irene is too brash to be the town  " words of Wisdom " .

I mean Irene could be more like that of course if PTB wanted to make Irene likeable  but PTB seem to what make Irene brash and petty these days.


If Leah is the Helen Daniels of H&A then Peggy Patch was the Helen Daniels of Playdays and Panda Soo was the Helen of Sooty & Co!!! Sorry but I fail to see any analogy between Leah and Helen (nor between Ailsa and Helen, whom you have previously compared). 

I will admit it... I personally disliked Helen's characterisation immensely; an old school, colonial Tory type disguising herself as a do-gooder lovey-dovey. My Trinidadian grandmother used to remark that Helen reminded her of "them old English ladies in their big  (i.e. plantation) houses". Snobbish, uptight, contradictory and judgmental. As my Mother used to say of her whenever she came on the screen "Och! It's that boring old moo! She thinks she's it, that one!". A purely subjective perception, I know, but I have never at all understood the sheer love for Helen that many fans seem to have. Just saying. 

Interviews given by some more... candid former co-stars suggest that Anne Haddy was far from a delight to work with ("sometimes I come to work and don't recognise a soul"; "Anne was the mascot and expected excellence in everyone"; "there was a real atmosphere on set once Alan filmed his final scenes and the Willises were the next-longest serving cast members"). 

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