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Leah Patterson/Baker - Ada Nicodemou


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Like her, dislike her, think she's criminally underused, this is the thread to discuss Leah.


Personally I loved the first Leah w saw, the bubbly, chatty girl who worked so well with Vinnie but I thought Leah as a character developed well and remained likeable until recently. The last two years she's barely had a storyline in her own right which is a shame because Ada can act. Even Dan's death hasn't opened much up for her, instead she's seeming to morph into this needy, desperate woman hankering after Miles and being jealous of Kirsty. I do like her friendships with Sally and now Rachel though, its good to see those continually confiding in each other and remaining close friends rather than being forgotten about.

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I couldn't agree more!

I loved Leah when she was with Vinnie and in her early years but these days, all you ever see her being is this jealous, needy woman. Ada needs a storyline that she can sink her teeth into because we know she can act...we've seen it! She's much the same as Irene these days.

They showed the impact that Dan's death had on her for a little while but then it was like she was over it and that was that.

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I have to agree with what you both have to say, Lise and Kat. It's a real shame that Leah is a underutilised character, Ada has shown us in the past what she can do.Maybe she will get a good storyline after the series finale events, mind you I would have liked to see the Bridget and Leah storyline go in a slightly different way that it has.

Leah and Rachels friendship is really great, hopefully Rachel's pregnancy (and becoming a parent)might even bring them closer by being able to talk about their own experiences, etc.Mind you, the friendship she had with Sal was great too.

My only disappointment is there is certainly items of her wardrobe that have been overused and should be burnt, not to mention a certain tunic (which I can't stand her wearing).

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I think it's about time Leah had another major story. She was fantastic during Dan's death, it's a shame they pretty much handled it over a couple of episodes. I thought the scene she did with Rachel in her bedroom was amazing. I'm tired of her storyline with Miles, it's getting a little boring and i don't think Leah would really go on like that for so long. I'm hoping they bring in a new love interest for her soon, that would be fun!! And give her a chance at a good storyline again.

I love her friendship with Rachel. It's lovely they've stayed such good friends for a long time, and that really shows in their scenes together. It's great they always have each other to talk to about their problems, and always tell each other news first. Leah's been an amazing friend to her, and Rachel to her. I wish they'd let them have some fun together though! Hopefully they will now that Rachel's pregnant and they can enjoy that, maybe have some fun with it together. Their relationship is protryed realistically and i do like that a lot.

I think more scenes with Leah and VJ would be good. She never seems to be around him, no wonder he is acting out! She's a single mum, that must be tough on her and surely they could explore that a little more.

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I'd like to see Leah in more scenes where she develops a good circle of friends. Sure she has been best friends with Rachel since school and also with Sally whilst she was in the Bay but there's a serious hole in the "Three Musketeers". I feel that there needs to be another musketeer added to the mix - maybe Charlie as she also needs a female friend to talk to once in a while.

I'd also like to see more scenes with Leah and either Ruby and/or Charlie as their presence on screen makes for some good viewing - the bond they have as housemates and how they interact with each other - more of those scenes please. :wink:

There was also a good chemistry between Leah and Miles after Dan's death. I do wish that the writers had of continued it rather than have the many speed bumps and roundabouts within their friendship - ie Jazz and Kirsty, as the green-eyed monster look didn't suit Leah at all.

It's also good to see that Leah has been having some scenes with her son VJ. I can't wait until he becomes a teenager and hopefully Leah will have some major strong storylines in the future in dealing with the whole raising a teen and issues surrounding it.

As an added bonus, more comedic scenes from time to time with one of the following: Irene, Belle, Aden or Roman would also be entertaining to watch and brighten up the atmosphere in the Diner.

Ada is an amazing actress and also presenter - naturally talented and just so under used within the show. A major storyline that last for more than five minutes would be good to see in the future.

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Im not a fan of leah either but shes rachel's friend so i will put up with it :P she needs a good storyline and not the miles/kirsty love triangle because its boring.She is always in the background which is wrong for a main cast member so please writers brighten up our days and give her an interesting story to get her teeth into it.

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