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Leah Patterson/Baker - Ada Nicodemou


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To bring her to the forefront of the show, I'd really like to see her take a teen under her wing. I don't mean she necessarily has to live with them, but it'd be nice to see her take an interest in them, go to the beach with them and just get that vibrant and funny character back again. We all know that Leah is as mad as a hatter :P; we just don't get to see that side of her anymore. And I think a great way to bring that out would be to have her take on a more parental role with one of the current teens, or to bring in a new face. Does anyone feel the same way?

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I'd really like to see her take a teen under her wing. I don't mean she necessarily has to live with them, but it'd be nice to see her take an interest in them, go to the beach with them and just get that vibrant and funny character back again.

I used to love her interaction with Belle and Drew. She was always so good with Drew. She always knew how to handle him. And when Drew left the way she went to check on Belle was sweet even if it was to ask her a favour. When they were first doing up the new diner and even when they first opened Belle and Leah had quite a few scenes together. I really thought they would become closer but they haven't been in the same scene (where they actually talked to one another)for such a long time.

Leah needs something good to happen to her. I would like to see Miles and Leah together but not anytime soon. I'd like to see her be happy on her own for a while. And spend more time with V.J. I'd love to see Leah get a new love interest(not Miles right now) but it shouldn't turn into anything serious. Just a harmless fling. She needs something fun and carefree in her life.

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I think the problem with Leah is that she hasn’t really had a major storyline as of late. In fact I can’t remember the last time she had a decent storyline. Her husband Dan did die about a year ago but I would hardly call the way it was handled a major storyline. In fact it was very much anticlimactic.

I think it has now reached the point where she is much like Irene, always there but simply as part of the furniture and only really playing a support role to some of the other characters. I don’t think we see nearly enough of her home life. It was only up until recently (UK pace here) that we actually saw her Charlie and Ruby under the same roof. Also she is supposed to be good friends with Rachel but we don’t really see them socialise with each other very often. Most of the time we see her she is almost always at work. You could argue that a full time relationship would to her wonders but I’m not sure if that would improve the character. Perhaps if the writers took a risk and showed a darker side to her nature that would make her more interesting.

Even though I’m a Kirsty fan I actually enjoyed the telling off she gave her (which I found quite funny) when the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head. She was the same with Jazz, although she bit her tongue in that case - More of that please.

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Poor Leah was on the last page. Leah's really had a good week this week. She saved her son from a hostage situation and she was a listening ear to Charlie.

I think it was great that Leah finally had something to do other than stand behind the counter at the diner and serve food! Hopefully the writers realise what a great character she is and give her something else to do.

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Ada is such a great actress and deserves more storylines as she has been getting. It would be nice to see Leah involved in a story without seeing her working at the diner and I hope a new man comes into Leahs life soon.

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I’m so glad Leah got more screentime and an episode mainly focused around her. I would like to see more episodes like this because bar VJ going down the storm drain and Dan’s death she hasn’t really been doing much over the past year.

Don’t you just love it when she gets angry like when she had a go at VJ and ran after him on the beech just before he got lost. As mentioned in my last post I loved it when she had a go at Kirsty and also when Leah wanted to get the money and give it to Brian rather than going to the police and she told Miles to back off.

Did I mention that I loved the scene with her and Charlie which is a rarity in itself. I just wanted her to get up and give Charles a hug. I think I get what some people mean when they are shipping for them. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. It’s not going to happen though...

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Im just after watching Leah's 30th Birthday!!

That has to have been one of the funniest episodes of Home and Away in a long Time!!

I always knew Ada was a brillaint actress, but I didn't know she could pull off such a comedy performance ....

The Dancing was hilarious and swigging from the bottle ..... :lol:

And then coming onto Roman "Lookin all strong and sexy, in your apron, chopping vegetables and stuff ...... " :lol:

I kind of wish Roman wasn't leaving now as I would love a Roman/Leah pairing .....


I also agree with a poster above that I think we need more interaction with Leah and Charlie ...

Oh and I would love Chris to become a regular, him cracking onto Charlie was hilarious ....

I just really hope we get to see a lot more of this fun side to Leah, because I really like it ....

Oh and may I just add Leah scrubs up really well ..... :wub:

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