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  1. Also "The Resident" has made mention of Covid in at least one of their last episodes screened during Season 3.
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  5. There isn't a Lance Smart character/actor discussion thread but please feel free to start one.
  6. If you are really game then you can always include one or more characters from a different medium (whether it be television, movies or theatre) and then you can make it a cross-over fiction.... just a thought. There are many cross-over fictions within the Fan Fiction forum from various authors.
  7. This first chapter is definitely too short - it's just one hundred words but there's no clearly defined beginning, middle or end to this chapter. There's only two paragraphs too when clearly there should be more than three to justify a beginning, a middle and an end. The conversations need to be spaced out and not all written together - a new line for each character that is speaking would be a good start. What I'd like to see out of this fiction would be longer chapters and some kind of plot. If you are looking for inspiration or how to write a chapter then there are plenty of gr
  8. I like that philosophy... better to write whilst one has an idea in one's head rather than to have writers block. There's no need to have a separate post just to announce that the next chapter in coming. It's known as Spamming and is mentioned in the Forum Rules - here. You had the right idea in your last chapter by saying that "Chapter 4 is coming soon."
  9. When starting a new fiction, one's first chapter needs to be merged with the first post (ie the Index Form) otherwise it is classified as a Promotion Fic and will earn a warning - according to Rule 3 in the Official Fan Fiction Section Rules and Guidelines see here.
  10. Please be careful when posting comments in this thread about Kyle Braxton - especially since this character has left on Australian television screens. Spoiler tags need to be used if any new information comes to hand... but it would be preferable to post those comments in the appropriate Spoiler thread(s). Thanks.
  11. This thread is open again for business.... If anyone needs any help with their fiction whether it be ideas etc then please feel free to post in here.
  12. Librarian Note: As stated above, this author has too many vaulted fictions therefore this fiction won't be published until such time the criteria of Rule 7.1.3 Restrictions for Publishing of New Fictions has been met.
  13. Librarian Edit: For those members who are reading this fiction, Prologue Part 1 has now been added to the first post.
  14. Librarian Note: Please do not post about characters and/or storylines that have not been seen on Australian screens. Any spoilers should be posted in the Spoiler thread or be posted with spoiler tags.
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