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Leah Patterson/Baker - Ada Nicodemou

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I know neither Leah or Irene are being very likeable at moment but I am finding my self siding with Leah as Leah least has excuse of standing up for her son and looking out for new born. I think

I understand that the character is being written that way and I don't want her gone.  But these days I'm finding Leah to be really annoying.  She has become something of a bully in her relationships w

Not quite, Don was part of the main cast for 3456 episodes - Leah is currently at 3410 episodes. She'll overtake him when Episode 6250 airs (last week of July from a quick calculation)

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I miss Leah. It's such a waste to have her doing nothing but serve in the diner and very rarely help other people with their problems/worries. She was so terrific when Dan died it's a shame that since then she's literally done nothing. I hope next year she gets some really meaty stroyline she can dig her teeth into. And some personal happiness in her love life as well.

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Leah is such a wonderful charachter!! :rolleyes::) she is so normal, and not over the top. I actually like that she is doing normal things, going to work, talking to people, being their friend, beeing a good mother to VJ... I really don't hope that she'll become overdramatic and whining. I really hope that she will continue to get normal storylines, not being followed by stalkers, not being raped or other very dramatic stuff. It is so good to have some kind of normality between all the drama on the show. But I hope that Leah will find some romance of course. She deserves that. I don't know if I like this Robertson or not... Maybe she should have been with someone else.

Here in Norway she is still happy with Dan. I think that they were a great couple despite their ups and downs. Everybody has ups and downs in a marriage. I really hope she will find happiness with a great, kind character!

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I wouldn't mind seeing Leah in a new relationship.

I'm getting tired of her at the moment, but I think that is because she isn't that involved in anything.

I really enjoyed her relationship with Dan though. It was realistic, and they didn't have a different drama every single week, like other couples.

For a while, I thought her and Sid had a bit of chemistry, underneath the fact that she hated him, and I could see them becoming a couple. But then Nicole kind of got stalkerish, and Sid left. So now I'm waiting, so that I can be surprised :D

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Im actually surprised that Ada puts up with the rubbish she gets. I know they can't expect massive storylines week in, week out, but Leah has pretty much done nothing all year.

But i would love to see her meet someone and have some happiness that lasts longer than a few months.

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