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  1. A Rose coloured tape knit jumper with a black singlet top underneath, Levis curve id jeans, + black ballet flats.
  2. An after gym snack of Organic coconut yoghurt.
  3. 3 Journals from Typo (a bargain at 3 for $10 or $7.95each) Dinner (Burgerfuel) and.... Grocery topup.
  4. Ordered that last week! Panadol, Post Opsite bandages, and a trim latte.
  5. Sunny and 18°c with not too much humidity
  6. Blue knit dress, witchery leggings with buttons up the side, snood, + my grey hoodies.
  7. Levis Demi Curve Skinny Jeans, Grey Witchery Tunic worn as a slouchy top with a black singlet top underneath, and Black Haviana flash jandals.
  8. Levis curve id demi curve skinny jeans, a hot chocolate, and a snack after work last night.
  9. Great Chapter! you used all the flashbacks really well, and I'm looking forward to the final chapter
  10. Great Update Laura. Rachel is being so helpful to Tony, hopefully her present will continue to help him get better I'm looking forward to the Jack stuff in the next chapter. xx
  11. Black Long Sleeve T-shirt, Black, Purple, Brown and White Floral Skirt from Dotti, Tights, and Black Flats.
  12. Valentines Day. I'd definitely watch it again
  13. I love the family times which everyone is sharing in in this chapter, I am looking forward to the next chapter especially the way you jump forward to when Harry is a lot older.
  14. Great Update Laura, You have written the ongoing struggle which Tachel are facing really well. Can't wait for the next update
  15. Great Update Laura, Poor Tachel,you have captured the situation really well,and I am looking forward to seeing how it continues. I'm also liking Jack's involvement in the situation. xx
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