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  1. With the conversation at the station... charlie has let her guard down with him. That's a big thing for her. I think it's going to happen, and it will be a big thing. They seem to come from the opposite side of the tracks, but there's no denying chemistry when it's there! And boy, it's there!!!
  2. I was wondering if we're going to see him again next year. The way they left things with Robert and Leah... just got me thinking. or could Robertson be returning?
  3. I'm having a bit of a love/hate issue with him at the moment. I love the character, he's something so different from what we've seen in a long time. That in itself is refreshing. He's funny, weird, yet I can see that there is something genuine there. I don't know if the odd side of him is his way of hiding himself though. I don't like the way he's so focused on Grant's murderer being Charlie or Angelo, though I understand why they are suspects.
  4. The confrontations between Indi and Nicole...
  5. I have been pleased to watch Nicole's character developing recently, the way she has handled Belle's illness and the relationship she formed with Belle as a result of it. I'm eager to see how low she gets now that Belle is gone and Aden is upset with her. She's really grown up since moving to the Bay. It's been a tough year for her. Tessa is fast becoming one of my favourites on the show. She has done a magnificent job portraying Nicole of recent times. Looking forward to watching more as it comes!
  6. I don't see it being romantic interest on his behalf either. Fatherly yes, romantic no. I'm wondering if Sid is going to be Leah's new love interest. Which opens up another angle when Nicole finds out and is heartbroken. How does she handle Leah, when Leah was her Dad's partner and was there for her when he was in the accident. Now Leah has gone and taken the man she wanted for herself.
  7. I think Ada is worthy of bigger storylines as well. I hope now that we're seeing the end of the Belle storyline and the Charlie/Ruby one is airing, we will get to see her get some big storylines of her own. I have been thinking about what I was reading about Leah getting a new love and wondering who it will be. After seeing her reaction to Sid I was wondering if it will be him. She seems to really dislike him... but we know that love can always follow once you get to know someone properly. It would also open up another angle, Alternatively, I was wondering if Liam will be the next love of Leah's life.
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