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  1. Sorry for no comments in the middle of moving again. Last 2 chapters have been great! Hope Ruby is okay. You write them all so well . Really enjoying it and can't wait for more!
  2. Loved this chapter!!! Been loving the updates love it when you post one! Oh dear I hope Brax isn't up for murder!!! :-( more soon please :-)
  3. Loved this chapter. Had a feeling at the start it would of been Mick. At least the babies are hopefully safe with Irene. More soon please can't wait!!! Hope Ruby is okay.
  4. Sorry finally caught up!! Love it can't wait for more shame about Cheryl! Hope Ruby and Casey sort themselves out.
  5. The best!! Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!! :-)
  6. So sorry finally just caught up on the last 3 chapters love every bit of it!! Loving this story!! Sorry I hadn't read it sooner just been so busy with moving into state and what not :-) thank you!! :-) can't wait for more!!
  7. Thanks guys! I didn't realise she was the same age as Casey! Thanks for clearing that up! Yes I agree shy girl so stupid!!
  8. How old is Tamara meant to be 16 or 17ish? I was just wondering never really knew.
  9. Wow loved the last 2 updates sorry I didn't comment been so busy trying to pack and with work as well. Loving them poor Hope how beautiful is she. Hope Caleb is okay.
  10. Loved this update! Check everyday for a new one! Can't wait to read more. I hope Charlie's pregnancy is a little more smooth sailing then the last one.
  11. Beautiful update! Can't wait for more :-)
  12. Sorry I haven't been replying really enjoying this story!! Can not wait for more.
  13. I'm checking everyday for an update :-) can't wait for one :-) thanks xx
  14. Sorry I never comment. Always forget. I have read everything really love it!! So beautiful loved the last chapter!!! Is Ruby maybe expecting hehe. Can't wait for more. Thank you.
  15. Thanks for the most amazing story!! Loved it all your an fantastic writer. You right them so well! Can't wait for the sequel!!! Thanks again!l Beautiful ending too!!
  16. Loved this chapter!! Glad Brax listened to Charlie. A sequel sounds great! Can't wait for that
  17. Loved this chapter so powerful! Can't wait for more!!
  18. Sorry I haven't replied I am loving this story so much!!! is the secret Lady his mum? More soon please
  19. Aww Loved it so amazing!!!! Can't wait for more.
  20. What can I say??? I started this last week and just finished Im in love!!! Love everything about this story you are an amazing writer and I love how you write and describe the detail of what's happening!! Congrats on a beautiful well written story!! Cant wait to read more!
  21. I just saw Adam at the house that him and Leah were at. Seems like Adam is Jamie's boss mmm interesting he is so shady.
  22. His Dogey has!! On tonight episode after they had lunch and kissed she walked off and is like bye Leah with the most weirdest look. And closed the doors I don't like him!
  23. Wow that was amazing, I hope Aden is okay. Love how you wrote this chapter. Can't wait for more
  24. Great chapter someone is defs after to get them all geez. Hope there okay. I'm not to sure who April is coz I haven't watched haa in over a month all I do is read the fan tics not all just some. I like this one. More soon please can't wait : )
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