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  1. I think you're forgetting one thing, she's a regular now. For a Year anyway All of the things she says sounds like she is dying But i hope she isnt because i love her
  2. I kinda get the feeling that Marilyn is dying for some reason
  3. People wanted Geoden way before Adelle ever got together
  4. Thanks in advance all!! :) Persojally I would think there's no harm in writing as it doesn't break the bank & there's always a possibility of response. They can pass it on to her I know that The Actor that plays Miles is Christie's husbonds best friend but try it or maybe send her a messege on facebook idk People has said that she talks back to you in messeges but she doesnt add you
  5. Geoff was the most nonbelieveable religious person ever
  6. Toot Toot Toot hahahahhaha love the pic Whenever i see those to together now i laugh like a school kid lol
  7. I think Todd & Linc would be actually up for the storyline actually. and I think Gaden would be so popular like really popular all you have to do is look at the popularity of gay couples on TV shows , gay male couples in particular. They have the biggest fanbases around , just look at JP and Craig from Hollyoaks , I haven't seen a bigger fanbase than theirs. Charlie & Joey we're also really popular as well as we're Callie & Erica from Greys Anatomy. Home & Away are always talking about how they tackle controversial subjects , yet there scared to do a proper gay relation
  8. Its ok she will get help from Leah And Martha is alittle bit nutty now anyway (everyone should leave the evil bay) Id rather Jack & alive than Martha But way too many deaths this year there better not be another death for like 5 years
  9. Thank god i just hope Martha goes down with him and i will be happy EVIL LAUGH
  10. I hope not talk about boring like bring a book But she is Gina is not boring. She is a wonderful,caring,amazing person who has had to cope raising a disabled child on there own. But still boring to me
  11. I hope not talk about boring like bring a book But she is
  12. Strangers With Candy (loves it) The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (loves it but it also brings out the teenage girl in me help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  13. Does everyone in it know about Stacey Slater's Bipolar? Or is everyone ever so clueless lol
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