Home and Away’s Bree and Remi begin a secret affair

Home and Away’s latest Australian episode saw Bree and Remi give in to temptation, and next week they launch a full-blown affair. Are they making a dangerous mistake?

Australian Home and Away viewers have just seen Bree and Remi give into temptation and sleep together, after weeks of skirting around their feelings.

Tonight’s triple bill of Aussie episodes saw Lyrik prepare for their next gig at Salt, but, while the past few gigs have gone off without a hitch, this one brought with it quite a few shocks.

Remi (Adam Rowland) had invited Summer Bay’s newest doc Bree (Juliet Godwin) along, and she was looking forward to a night of freedom now that her abusive and controlling husband Jacob (Alex Williams) has returned to his job as a mechanic in the mines in Western Australia.

While Bree hasn’t made a final decision on whether she’s going to leave her husband, she was glad to see him return to his job and give her a few months of freedom, whilst buying her some time.          

At her motel, Bree spent an hour getting herself ready for the gig, doing her hair and makeup and choosing a stunning pink dress, all to impress Remi.

However, panic eventually got the better of her, when she realised she’d spent an hour getting ready for a man who wasn’t her husband. While she’s always claimed to Remi that she only sees him as a friend, it’s become increasingly clear that she’s developing feelings for him.

Now feeling guilty, Bree decided against heading to Salt. However, she didn’t miss much, as Lyrik’s gig was derailed when Kirby (Angelina Thomson) agreed to let Bob (Rob Mallet) sing one song with them.

Bob was Lyrik’s former lead singer, but he quit the band and left town shortly after their move to Summer Bay, having taken issue with their decision to perform regular gigs in the “hick town.”

He’s recently returned, and it was revealed that he’s fallen on hard times since quitting the band.

The plan was for the one-off performance to kick-start Bob’s solo career. However, when Kirby left Theo (Matt Evans) a voicemail, explaining that Bob would be performing with them, she forgot to mention it was just one song, leading Theo to assume he was being replaced as the bang’s frontman.

He stayed at home, skipping the gig and causing the rest of Lyrik to pull out.

While the gig may not have gone ahead, Bree not turning up at Salt spooked Remi. His mind went into overdrive as he worried that Jacob may have returned to Summer Bay, and feared for what was happening to Bree back at her motel.

He rushed to her place, where he found her alone but freaked out. While Bree confessed that she felt bad that she’d spent so long getting ready for him, it didn’t stop her from inviting her in.

Remi told Bree that he feels the same way about her, but that he knows nothing can happen. “Maybe in another life.”

However, Bree rushed over to him and embraced him before the pair shared a passionate kiss.

The next time we saw the pair was a while later, as they lay next to each other in bed, having given in to temptation and slept together.

There were no regrets afterwards, as the pair went their separate ways when Bree had to head into work.

When Remi arrived back at the Lyrik house a few hours later, it didn’t take long for Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) to guess what he’d been up to. She was shocked that Remi had spent the night with Bree, and warned him that having an affair with a married woman wasn’t his style, but his only reply was telling her that maybe he is that person now.

With Jacob safely in Western Australia, it looks like Bree and Remi will continue with their new affair next week.

Spoilers for the week ahead tell us that ‘Bree and Remi bask in their love bubble,” but the honeymoon period may not last long as “Eden bursts Remi’s love bubble.”

A new promo which aired after Thursday’s final episode shows that Eden isn’t happy with her best friend launching into an affair with a married woman, and she lets both parties know exactly how she feels.

“You’re carrying on like this is some great love story, and it’s not,” she tells Remi. “It’s an affair and it’s dangerous.”

“Why are you doing it?” she asks, pleading with him to stop.

“I can’t help it” is Remi’s response, as Eden realises the full extent of his feelings.

“You’re falling in love with her,” she says, stunned.

Understandably, Bree has concerns of her own.


We see a shot of her looking upset, and while Remi assures her that “you’re safe here with me,” she questions what will happen “if someone else finds out.”

However, the promo also shows Bree being serenaded by Remi, a huge smile on her face as he shows off his guitar skills. It looks like it won’t be too easy for her to break things off.

“So what’s the plan here?” Eden asks Remi. “Once the husband gets back. How do you think he’s gonna react when he finds out you’re sleeping with his wife?

“Nothing good is gonna come of this.”

Eden also tries to convince Bree that she should be the one to put a stop to things.

“How does this end?” she asks Bree when she finds her at the beach. “Because I don’t see a happy ever after here.”

Bree’s shocked face shows that she knows Eden is speaking the truth.

With Bree still married to abusive husband Jacob, and nobody quite sure when he’ll return, there’s sure to be fireworks in the weeks ahead.

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Monday 31st October (Episode 7919)

Felicity is ambushed by her past. Cash wants his family rift resolved. Is Xander open to sharing Stacey?

Tuesday 1st November (Episode 7920)

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Thursday 3rd November (Episodes 7922-7924)

Bree and Remi bask in their love bubble. Gary warms Felicity’s cold feet. Eden goes on the attack for Remi.

Eden bursts Remi’s love bubble. John finds his star golfer. Theo takes out his frustration on Kirby.

Can Xander do small town non-monogamy? Kirby refuses to be Theo’s scapegoat. The expectant parents clash over baby names.

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