Home and Away Spoilers – Bob returns, and he wants Kirby back!

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Bob returns to Summer Bay with one thing on his mind – Kirby! Elsewhere, Nikau feels pressure to be the perfect best man to Tane.

Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) relationship hits another stumbling block this week, with the surprise return of Kirby’s ex, Bob Forsyth (Rob Mallett).

Lyrik’s former lead singer, ‘Bob the Snob’ was last seen turning his nose up at the idea of agreeing to a regular gig in the small town of Summer Bay.

Feeling that fellow bandmates Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Remi (Adam Rowland) eagerness to say yes was just holding back his and Kirby’s real talent, Bob gave Kirby an ultimatum as he packed his belongings in the van.

Sick of always being expected to side with Bob, Kirby chose to remain with the rest of the band, who were left searching for a new lead singer when Bob called their bluff and drove off.

It didn’t take long for Theo to come along, but a new ban on inter-band romances became an issue when Theo and Kirby realised they had feelings for each other.

After several weeks of will they, won’t they, Theo and Kirby eventually made their relationship public, with Eden and Remi reluctantly giving their blessing.

As Lyrik started to gain popularity in recent weeks, thanks to Theo reopening his social media channels and posting a specially filmed music video, the band soon came to the attention of Bob, who sent a text to Kirby stating that she and Theo seemed pretty cosy.

Kirby hid the fact that Bob had been in touch from Theo, and even agreed to meet with him without telling her boyfriend. She only admitted the truth after Theo saw a text from Bob come in on Kirby’s phone, thanking her for agreeing to their catchup.

With Theo left wondering if he could trust Kirby, she explained to him that Bob’s sudden departure meant that she hadn’t had proper closure on their relationship, and he at least owes her an explanation for walking out on her.

Theo apologised for reacting the way he did, and told Kirby that he wouldn’t stand in her way, but Kirby then changed her mind and told Bob their meeting was off.

It seems Bob doesn’t take the hint though, when he arrives back in Summer Bay this week.

Clearly on a mission to win Kirby back, Bob is quick to wind up Theo. He also takes Kirby by surprise when he admits that he still has feelings for her.

While Kirby is blissfully happy in her new relationship with Theo and has no intentions of returning to what she had with Bob, her ex’s return still takes its toll on Theo.

Bob’s return is very stressful for Theo as he has potential to get in the way of his relationship with Kirby,” Matt Evans told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Theo [also] has some insecurity around whether Bob has come back to reclaim his place as Lyrik’s frontman.

Lyrik’s newfound fame is bound to be a draw for fickle Bob, so whether he’s really back for Kirby or whether he just wants in on the publicity surrounding the band remains to be seen.

Despite Theo’s initial insecurities, he decides to give Kirby the space she needs to sort things out with Bob, believing that he can trust her to do the right thing.

Theo is very serious about Kirby,” Matt continued. “He adores her interest in music which is similar to his, and her musical skills are out of this world. He puts her up on a pedestal and would do anything for her.

But is their relationship strong enough for Kirby to resist Bob’s charms?

Elsewhere in the bay, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) goes into full-on wedding planning mode this week, after Tane (Ethan Browne) asks him to be his best man for his upcoming nuptials with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

The pair may have only just got engaged, but Tane wanted them to get married just eight weeks later, to coincide with the anniversary of them first getting together. So, with the calendar rapidly counting down, it’s full steam ahead to get everything organised in time.

Nik resolves to make his uncle proud, but his determination begins to manifest as a need to control the wedding, which concerns Tane.

Tane needs to know what’s going on, and Nik eventually admits the real reason that he wants everything to be perfect—he knows that his late uncle Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) would have been a flawless best man, and he feels he has to live up to that.

Ari’s death earlier this year hit Nik hard

Tane assures his nephew that he doesn’t need to put so much pressure on himself – after all, the wedding is supposed to be a laid-back event.

Will Nikau be able to relax?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 24th October (Episode 7913

Xander’s first date ends in disaster. Mackenzie freezes in a crisis. Can Marilyn revive Roo’s tutoring confidence?

Tuesday 25th October (Episode 7914)

Nikau wants to be the best best man. Kirby’s ex wants more than closure. Guilt-ridden Mackenzie learns the hard way.

Wednesday 26th October (Episode 7915)

Bob sows doubt for Theo and Kirby. Cash is the only family Felicity wants. Marilyn is on a new mission.

Thursday 27th October (Episodes 7916-7918)

Bree and Remi get dangerously close. Bob derails Lyrik’s gig. Kirby’s choice guts Theo.

Theo owes Mac big time. Remi and Bree give in to their attraction. Will Kirby send Bob packing?

Xander gets spontaneous with Stacey. Justin and Theo revive Salt’s reputation. Mackenzie needs her own space.

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