Home and Away Spoilers – Logan battles to save Tane’s life

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Logan battles to save Tane’s life, PK threatens Jai, and a body is found on the beach…

Tane Parata’s (Ethan Browne) life is hanging in the balance after being stabbed during a robbery at Salt, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir), Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) have to think on their feet if he has any chance of survival!

After conning Mac into thinking that she owed him $100,000, poker player PK (Ryan Johnson) was miffed when she turned down the offer of sleeping with him to clear her ‘debt’. She gave him the $50k earnings from the evening as a sweetener, but later learned from Dean that it had all been a ploy to get her into bed.

Her sights set on revenge, Mac decided to play a dangerous game by suggesting a further poker night to PK, her plan being to then keep all the money for herself. But PK’s ego had already been bruised by this point and he refused, telling her that he was the one calling the shots now, whilst hinting that he could take her restaurant off her.

When Mac ignored Nathan’s (Ryan Panizza) warning against crossing PK, Mac and Dean were confronted by two men in Salt who robbed them at knifepoint.

Interrupted by Tane and Felicity’s arrival, the two men made their escape, but not before a tussle which saw one of the men stab Tane.

Next week, as Tane continues to lose blood, Flick is desperate to call an ambulance, but both Dean and Tane insist that they can’t—doing so would mean the police would get involved, potentially exposing the illegal poker evenings.

Dean points out there’s only one other option if Tane is going to survive, and it’s one that Mac was equally afraid of. They have to call her boyfriend, Logan (Harley Bonner).

Whilst Mac has recently admitted to Logan that the business is in financial strife, he’s still blissfully unaware of the risks she’s been taking to get out of debt.

When Logan arrives, he quickly gets to work on Tane and asks if they know how long the ambulance is going to be… and is shocked to be told that there isn’t one coming.

Mac asks him to trust her and that she’ll explain everything later, but an ambulance isn’t an option.

As Tane continues to lose blood and goes into shock, Logan knows that surgery is the only thing that can save him now… but it’s safe to say that a carving knife and cocktail strainer from behind the bar isn’t going to suffice.

Enlisting Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) for a bit of subterfuge, Dean is able to sneak into the store cupboard at the hospital and get the supplies that Logan needs.

In the meantime, whilst they await Dean’s return, the time finally comes for Mac to tell Logan the truth about the poker nights.

With no time to take it all in, Logan focuses on completing the surgery and they move Tane back to the Parata house for recovery. Logan stays throughout the night to keep an eye on Tane, and it seems things are going well, until Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) notices that Tane’s hand is very cold.

As Tane begins to slip in and out of consciousness, Logan quickly realises that he has lost too much blood—the surgery could have been for nothing unless he comes up with a quick solution!

Luckily, Logan’s blood type just happens to be O-negative, the universal blood group that can be used in all patients, and so Nik assists Logan in setting up a transfusion.

Will Logan’s bold move be enough to save Tane?

Meanwhile, Mac summons PK and Nathan to Salt. She tells him that she’s not playing anymore, she knows all about the scam and because of him, one of her friends got hurt.

PK pleads ignorance before Nathan admits that it was him that called in the heavies on PK’s behalf, but it was never meant to go that far!

Dean makes it clear that he expects PK to pay back the $50k he took from Mac, otherwise he’ll have to get his friends involved. But the threat doesn’t faze PK, who reveals that he also has some far more dangerous friends of his own. As he leaves, he promises that things aren’t over…

Sure enough, Dean later receives an envelope at the board shop. Inside is a picture of his 7-year-old son Jai (River Jarvis), with a chilling message on the back.

Dean desperately tries to get hold of Jai’s mother Amber (Maddy Jevic) to ensure his safety, just as PK walks in to taunt him further.

John (Shane Withington) is forced to step in as Dean lunges for PK, warning him to stay away from his son.

It seems Dean is also true to his word though, much to Ziggy’s annoyance, when he later invites over old mate Nugget (previously played by Sam Webb, now Yure Covich) and two other River Boys.

When the boys later meet up in the beach car park, they open the boot of the car to reveal PK tied up inside, and he isn’t too happy! PK assures Dean that he’s going to regret his actions.

Ziggy is worried when Dean later returns with bloodied and bruised knuckles, but Dean is evasive and refuses to answer her questions. It seems that, for now, PK has been dealt with…

It doesn’t take long for PK to resurface, however. Later in the week, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) stumble across his dead body on the beach!

Have Dean and the River Boys really done the unthinkable?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 27th June (Episode 7796)

Nikau’s dreams are in John’s hands. Logan discovers Mac’s secret. Will Tane pay for Mackenzie’s crimes?

Tuesday 28th June (Episode 7797)

Can Logan’s sacrifice save Tane’s life? Mackenzie attacks her tormentor. Dean receives a sickening threat.

Wednesday 29th June (Episode 7798)

Dean plots revenge. Marilyn grounds a frantic Roo. Theo fears he’s in the friend zone.

Thursday 30th June (Episode 7799)

Can Theo escape the friend zone? Xander uncovers the cause of Millie’s car crash. Leah cooks up a plan to calm Roo as the Stewarts brace for transplant surgery.

Friday 1st July (Episode 7800)

Xander’s help backfires. Millie lets Logan take the fall. Loved ones wait for news on Roo and Martha. A body washes up in the bay.