Neighbours Spoilers – Terese admits her feelings for Glen

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Next week on Neighbours, Terese realises she has feelings for Glen, but he’s turned his attention to an old flame. Has she missed her chance? Then, the accident changes everything!

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 17th January, and in Australia from Wednesday 19th January.

Ever since Glen Donnelly’s (Richard Huggett) return to the fold, there’s been a twinkle in Terese Willis’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) eye.

It’s no secret that his appearance in her life couldn’t have come at a better time. She was separated from her husband Paul (Stefan Dennis) – who, of course, is Glen’s half-brother – she was drowning her sorrows, back on the bottle and in need of help.

Enter Glen who for the last few weeks has been helping Terese get back on the wagon. It’s a feeling he knows all too well. Since his return it has been revealed that he too is a recovering alcoholic and addict, both resulting from his medical misdiagnosis 30 years ago, and the more recent dissolution of his marriage.

Naturally, as the pair have worked together, they have grown closer and Terese, who has been denying her feelings for her brother-in-law, has finally come to a realisation: she has the hots for him.

Having him under the same roof as her has resulted in a lot of pent-up sexual tension and she can’t wait to burst the bubble.

As ever is the case in Ramsay Street, it seems Terese’s discovery has come at an unfortunate time!

Last week, Glen was surprised to see Gemma Ramsay (Beth Buchanan) back in town for her daughter Roxy’s (Zima Anderson) wedding.

For those who aren’t aware, Glen and Gemma shared a brief romance back in 1991, but the timing wasn’t right and the pair split.

Now, with the knowledge that Gemma has split from her husband Adam (Ian Williams), there’s nothing standing in the way of Glen attempting to rekindle things 30 years later.

With Gemma firmly in his orbit, Glen begins to put the moves on her and there’s no denying that Terese is green with envy!

Her pangs of jealousy are only exacerbated at Roxy’s wedding when she sees the pair together, leading her to making an admission to one of her nearest and dearest.

She confesses all to Susan (Jackie Woodburne), but, with so many complications involved, decides to push her feelings to one side and spends much of the wedding with Paul instead. This in turn leads to Glen growing jealous once again, as he thinks that he’s well and truly lost his chance.

Unfortunately, it’s not long before tragedy strikes and the storm that has been brewing for hours finally takes hold and engulfs Erinsborough.

With Paul left hospitalised, and Terese left blaming herself for the accident, she makes a shock move – she’s going to move in with Paul!

He needs help after being injured in the disaster, so it seems only natural that she move into his penthouse apartment to help take care of him. Paul’s overjoyed, but little does he know, she’s fuelled by guilt, both over the accident and over her feelings for Glen.

While it’s soon clear that there’s still a spark between Terese and Paul, is she really in the right frame of mind to be moving back in with him?

Neighbours airs Monday to Friday at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK, and Monday to Thursday at 6:30pm on 10 Peach in Australia.

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Here are the full spoilers for the next two week of Neighbours in 2022:

8758 – Tuesday 11th January (UK) / Wednesday 12th January (Aus)

Roxy is furious with Harlow for her outburst, and confronts Harlow for checking out of her life.

It’s full steam ahead for the wedding as Kyle and Roxy work with Mick to make all the plans.

Amy’s struggling to keep Zara happy and turns to Toadie and Susan for help.

8759 – Wednesday 12th January (UK) / Thursday 13th January (Aus)

Zara takes Hendrix’s advice and asks Amy to cool things with the guys while she’s there.

Melanie notices Glen’s intense behaviour around Terese’s discovery of her wedding ring.

The more time Britney spends with Leo, the closer she feels to him.

8760 – Thursday 13th January (UK) / Monday 17th January (Aus)

Glen is thrown when Terese offers him a room at her place, hoping he will be her sober companion.

Levi’s left reeling by a false accusation from Zara, and Amy doesn’t know what to believe.

Zara’s selfish behaviour continues to frustrate Toadie.

8761 – Friday 14th January (UK) / Tuesday 18th January (Aus)

Toadie is horrified to discover the jelly shot that was given to Nell was full of vodka, thanks to Zara.

Roxy and Kyle are excited for their hen and stag parties, but things take a turn when Roxy finds out Mick has managed to upset everyone in the wedding party.

8762 – Monday 17th January (UK) / Wednesday 19th January (Aus)

Despite Roxy’s defeated declaration that the wedding is off, Kyle refuses to give up and everyone pitches in to help make the day happen. Will Roxy reconsider?

With Glen and Terese under one roof, it’s a pressure cooker of unspoken frisson.

8763 – Tuesday 18th January (UK) / Thursday 20th January (Aus)

Seeing Glen and Sharon together at the wedding proves too much for Terese, who finally admits her feelings to Susan.

Despite the overcast day, the wedding party is brimming with excited preparations for Kyle and Roxy’s big day, but will the storm get the better of them?

8764 – Wednesday 19th January (UK) / Monday 24th January (Aus)

Terese returns to the site of the Flamingo Bar seven days after tragedy strikes.

It’s a sombre mood in the Tanaka house, with Leo hit hard by a loss.

Terese feels responsible for a terrible accident and, in an attempt to make amends, makes a surprising decision.

8765 – Thursday 20th January (UK) / Tuesday 25th January (Aus)

Leo’s nearest and dearest rally around to help him manage, but Leo’s hellbent on doing everything himself.

Levi discovers a mysterious woman hovering around the site of the accident.

Paul keeps his cool about Terese’s decision to move in with him.

8766 – Friday 21st January (UK) / Wednesday 26th January (Aus)

Kyle rallies the troops at the vineyard to clean up the storm damage for Leo.

As Terese cares for Paul, the spark that brought them together comes back to life.

Levi’s mystery woman keeps gathering tidbits about him for some unknown reason.

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