Neighbours Spoilers – Terese asks Glen to move in with her

Next week on Neighbours in the UK and Australia, Terese invites Glen to move into Number 22, but her friends and family aren’t happy – can they be convinced that they’re making a huge mistake?

When Neighbours returned for 2022, it was touch and go as to whether Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) would survive. She spent the three week Christmas break clinging desperately to the roof of Lassiters, but thankfully Paul Robinson’s herculean strength saved her with seconds to spare.

While her estranged husband’s actions saved her life, she isn’t ready to get back together with him. In fact, she’s growing ever closer to his half-brother, Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett).

However, it seems there’s more to Glen than meets the eye!

In the dying moments of last year, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) got her hands on a folder full of info on the recent returnee, prepared by Paul’s private investigator, John Wong (Harry Tseng). She headed to the Lassiters roof to give the dossier to Terese, convinced it would contain enough damning info to make her grandmother give Glen a wide berth.

A drunk Terese grabbed the folder, but, when she went to open it, she accidentally sent the documents flying. As she went to recover one of the pages from beside the pool, she slipped and found herself hanging onto the edge of the building for dear life.

Now seemingly suffering from compassion fatigue, Harlow’s only concern was for the documents. She managed to recover some of them, and knew she could get the remaining pages from John Wong… or could she?

Luckily for Glen, however, he was there when Terese revealed the news of Harlow’s actions to her friends and family. This gave him enough time to hunt down Paul’s privater investigator and blackmail him into keeping schtum about their contents.

Harlow knows something’s up with Glen, but she can’t put her finger on what

He also found the missing ‘Proof of identity’ page from the dossier, a document which would seemingly blow the truth about his identity wide open.

What he’s hiding, we don’t yet know. However, it seems whatever it is, it’s set to stay hidden for some time yet.

Terese and Glen are set to grow closer

With his secret safe, Glen continues to grow close to Terese over the coming weeks. They’ve already bonded over their shared alcohol struggles, having attended AA meetings together, but their connection doesn’t end there. Later this week, when Glen catches Terese about to open a bottle of wine, he decides to stick around to make sure she stays sober, and their bond grows stronger as they chat into the night.

Next week, Terese shocks her friends and family when she invites Glen to move in with her. She knows she’s particularly vulnerable at the moment, and is scared she’ll give into temptation and crack open another bottle, so she asks Glen to be her sobriety companion.

Terese is looking forward to some company in Number 22

As Glen seems to be developing feelings for Terese, and wants to do anything to get between her and Paul, he jumps at the offer.

Before they know it, he’s packed his stuff and is moving out of his Lassiters hotel room and into Number 22.

However, plenty of people aren’t happy with Terese’s decision.

In episodes airing this week, Chloe discovers Terese’s missing wedding ring in the hotel, and gives it back to her.

Terese is understandably confused about how her ring made its way to Erinsborough, oblivious to the fact that Glen found it when he discovered her drunk on the beach. Thankfully for Glen, she believes she must have had the ring on her the whole time, and simply lost it in Lassiters, rather than in Queensland as she initially suspected.

Melanie is the first to discover Glen’s secret

Of course, Glen knows the truth, and is acting shifty. Melanie soon picks up on his intense behaviour, and he eventually confesses to her that he’d been keeping the ring hidden.

He denies that he has feelings for Terese, but it leaves Melanie wondering if there’s more than meets the eye.

So, when she spots Glen moving in with Terese the next day, she can’t help but feel that they’re making a huge mistake.

She pleads with Glen not to move in. If he does have feelings for her, it’s only going to make things harder for the both of them, and it’s bound to end in disaster.

Paul is also stunned to see his half-brother moving in with his estranged wife. How did it come to this?

Leo is forced to stop his dad from intervening, knowing it’ll just make the situation worse. But, if we know Paul Robinson, it won’t be long until he says something.

With Paul powerless to stop it, are Glen and Terese about to give into their growing feelings?

Neighbours airs Monday to Friday at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK, and Monday to Thursday at 6:30pm on 10 Peach in Australia.

Here are the full spoilers for the next two week of Neighbours in 2022:

8752 – Monday 3rd January (UK / Aus)

Ned decides he’s all in with Amy once and for all, and the poly relationship is back on track.

Roxy’s theory that Harlow is developing psychopathic tendencies like her dad is at the front of both David and Paul’s mind, as Harlow continues to show no sympathy for Terese.

8753 – Tuesday 4th January (UK / Aus)

Kyle has unwittingly hired Mick Allsop as the wedding planner, and Sheila and Roxy are horrified, but he makes a bid to keep the job.

Amy’s thrilled to see Zara, and is willing to do anything to get a second chance with her daughter, but is embarrassed at what she walked into.

8754 – Wednesday 5th January (UK / Aus)

When Amy realises there is a good chance Zara will find out about her polyamorous relationship from someone else anyway, she decides she needs to come clean with her.

Harlow is furious that Glen is acting as Terese’s guard dog and is determined to find dirt on him.

8755 – Thursday 6th January (UK / Aus)

Harlow’s still on Glen’s back about what he’s hiding in his safe.

Roxy has yet to secure her bridesmaids, and she’s disheartened when she finds no success with asking Terese or Harlow.

Terese has a support network committed to helping her, but she’s tired of being babysat.

8756 – Friday 7th January (UK) / Monday 10th January (Aus)

Terese expects judgement and backlash from Glen after he catches her in a moment of weakness.

David asks Paul over for dinner, but the evening starts off badly, with Paul constantly turning the conversation to Terese.

Roxy is ecstatic to have her mother back in town ahead of the wedding.

8757 – Monday 10th January (UK) / Tuesday 11th January (Aus)

Leo’s pitch lunch for his barrel investment gets off to a good start, but he’s thrown by the appearance of an unexpected guest.

Roxy is deeply hurt to learn that Gemma doesn’t support her wedding.

Later, as Roxy celebrates with her bridal party, she’s confronted by a furious Harlow.

8758 – Tuesday 11th January (UK) / Wednesday 12th January (Aus)

Roxy is furious with Harlow for her outburst, and confronts Harlow for checking out of her life.

It’s full steam ahead for the wedding as Kyle and Roxy work with Mick to make all the plans.

Amy’s struggling to keep Zara happy and turns to Toadie and Susan for help.

8759 – Wednesday 12th January (UK) / Thursday 13th January (Aus)

Zara takes Hendrix’s advice and asks Amy to cool things with the guys while she’s there.

Melanie notices Glen’s intense behaviour around Terese’s discovery of her wedding ring.

The more time Britney spends with Leo, the closer she feels to him.

8760 – Thursday 13th January (UK) / Monday 17th January (Aus)

Glen is thrown when Terese offers him a room at her place, hoping he will be her sober companion.

Levi’s left reeling by a false accusation from Zara, and Amy doesn’t know what to believe.

Zara’s selfish behaviour continues to frustrate Toadie.

8761 – Friday 14th January (UK) / Tuesday 18th January (Aus)

Toadie is horrified to discover the jelly shot that was given to Nell was full of vodka, thanks to Zara.

Roxy and Kyle are excited for their hen and stag parties, but things take a turn when Roxy finds out Mick has managed to upset everyone in the wedding party.

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