Neighbours Spoilers – Glen is a suspect after Terese’s roof fall

As Neighbours returns to UK and Australian screens on Monday 3rd January, we discover whether Terese has survived her rooftop fall, as the Robinsons continue to turn on Glen.

Some 30 years ago, Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) slipped and fell from the roof of a then much smaller Lassiters.

The fall left him paralysed him from the waist down, confining him to a wheelchair, and causing Paul (Stefan Dennis) to worry that his half-brother would end up suing the hotel.

When his already strained relationship with Paul broke down entirely, Glen decided to leave Erinsborough for good, and his estranged family didn’t hear from him for three decades.

Then, in late 2021, he reappeared at the Lassiters Worldwide Summit in Queensland.

He passed off his appearance at the conference venue as a mere coincidence, and seemed happy to reunite with his half-siblings Lucy (Melissa Bell) and Paul. He quickly returned to Erinsborough, accepted Paul’s offer of a job at Leo’s (Tim Kano) vineyard, moved into a room at Lassiters, and seemed to want to build bridges.

However, it soon became clear that Glen still harboured plenty of resentment towards Paul – had he actually returned in search of revenge? He also seemed enamoured by Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), who he had discovered wandering drunk and alone at the beach next to the Queensland hotel.

In the final few weeks of last year, we learnt that Glen had endured a battle with alcohol addiction, giving him something with which to bond with Terese.

What’s more, it transpired that he found her wedding ring at the beach in Queensland, and had been keeping it hidden in the safe in his room at Lassiters. He’d also been discouraging Terese from reuniting with Paul, and it seems he’ll stop at nothing to keep the pair apart.

In a strange twist of fate, Terese ended 2021 on the cusp of suffering the same accident that befell Glen all those years ago.

She finished the year clinging onto the roof of Lassiters – now many stories higher up thanks to three decades of renovations and extensions – with her screams echoing out to bring the 2021 season of Neighbours to a close.

As we rejoin the show on Monday 3rd January, it’s a race against time to save her.

Safely on the ground many stories below, Paul and Glen hear Terese’s screams, and look up to see her clinging on for dear life. Glen is paralysed with fear, still unable to face the rooftop as a result of his fall, and it’s on Paul to run into the hotel to rescue his estranged wife.

Thankfully, Terese has just enough strength to hold onto the narrow ledge as Paul speedily limps into the hotel, patiently waits for the elevator, ascends 20 stories – crossing his fingers that no guest presses the ‘Up’ button from another floor – and arrives at the rooftop pool just in time to drag her to safety!

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) already nowhere to be seen, and it seems she abandoned Terese on the roof shortly before she slipped and fell.

Terese has mixed feelings about her knight in shining armour. On one hand, she still resents Paul for all of the tricks he’s played over the course of their marriage, but, on the other hand, he’s just saved her life, and the relief on his face is palpable – it’s clear he would have been devastated if she’d fallen.

If there’s one thing she cannot doubt, it’s Paul’s love for her. Will that be enough for her to forgive him?

She also has to face the fact that her friends and family now know she’s been drinking, and she’s deeply ashamed when she comes face to face with them in Paul’s penthouse apartment.

Paul decides to give Terese some space to process what’s just happened, but he struggles to keep his distance when all he wants is to win her back. It’s made worse by her growing friendship with Glen, and he begins to resent the attention that his half-brother is lavishing on Terese.

The pair grow even closer at the end of the week (UK: Friday 7th January / Aus: Mon 10th January), when Glen catches Terese getting wine delivered to Number 22. Determined not to let her fall back into a dark place, he spends the evening with her, lending a friendly ear… and perhaps hoping for more.

They’re both surprised at how well they get on, and, as they play cards and chat about their lives, it’s clear that there’s a growing chemistry between them. With her relationship with Leo still only fairly recent history, will Terese once again be forced to choose between Paul and one of his close relatives?

Paul isn’t the only one keeping a close eye on Glen. Harlow has had her suspicions about him ever since he arrived in town, and even went snooping in his hotel room at the end of last year.

Having employed John Wong (Harry Tseng) to dig up dirt on Glen, she’s now even more convinced that he’s hiding something big. She heads back to his hotel room for a second go, and is determined to discover what’s hiding in his safe.

Glen is in for a shock of his own when he returns to his hotel room to find Terese’s wedding ring has vanished! He knows Harlow was snooping in his room at the end of last year, and fears that she’s discovered his secret.

Is he about to get caught out?

Neighbours airs Monday to Friday at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK, and Monday to Thursday at 6:30pm on 10 Peach in Australia.

From Friday 7th January, new episodes of the show will air in the UK before they air in Australia. Read more.

Here are the full spoilers for the first week of Neighbours in 2022:

8752 – Monday 3rd January (UK / Aus)

Ned decides he’s all in with Amy once and for all, and the poly relationship is back on track.

Roxy’s theory that Harlow is developing psychopathic tendencies like her dad is at the front of both David and Paul’s mind, as Harlow continues to show no sympathy for Terese.

8753 – Tuesday 4th January (UK / Aus)

Kyle has unwittingly hired Mick Allsop as the wedding planner, and Sheila and Roxy are horrified, but he makes a bid to keep the job.

Amy’s thrilled to see Zara, and is willing to do anything to get a second chance with her daughter, but is embarrassed at what she walked into.

8754 – Wednesday 5th January (UK / Aus)

When Amy realises there is a good chance Zara will find out about her polyamorous relationship from someone else anyway, she decides she needs to come clean with her.

Harlow is furious that Glen is acting as Terese’s guard dog and is determined to find dirt on him.

8755 – Thursday 6th January (UK / Aus)

Harlow’s still on Glen’s back about what he’s hiding in his safe.

Roxy has yet to secure her bridesmaids, and she’s disheartened when she finds no success with asking Terese or Harlow.

Terese has a support network committed to helping her, but she’s tired of being babysat.

8756 – Friday 7th January (UK) / Monday 10th January (Aus)

Terese expects judgement and backlash from Glen after he catches her in a moment of weakness.

David asks Paul over for dinner, but the evening starts off badly, with Paul constantly turning the conversation to Terese.

Roxy is ecstatic to have her mother back in town ahead of the wedding.

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