Neighbours Spoilers – Glen Donnelly and Mick Allsop return!

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, the bitter rivalry between Chloe and Harlow sees a blast from the past employed at Lassiters. Meanwhile, Hendrix and Mackenzie’s lives are in danger!

These episodes will air in the UK in early November.

The professional turned personal rivalry between businesswoman Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) and Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) takes a turn next week, when Harlow’s actions lead to a blast from the past picking up a job at Lassiters.

With the business desperately in need of staff, Chloe siphons through a myriad of job applications, hoping to find the best candidates for the job. Designating the resumes to either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ pile, Chloe makes quick work of it.

However, when she stumbles across an application from Mick Allsop, she can’t quite believe her eyes.

For those who don’t remember, Mick was a fan of Aaron Brennan’s (Matt Wilson) when he was in the stripping troupe Rough Trade. However, what he didn’t know was that Mick was having a torrid affair with Aaron’s colleague and boyfriend Rory Zemiro (Ash Williams). He later popped up when he ran into Aaron and David (Takaya Honda) at Mardi Gras 2019.

Naturally, when Chloe sees the name, it’s an immediate no.

However, TV Week reports that, when Harlow gets some time alone with the applications, she make a quick change and next thing Chloe knows, Mick rocks up for his first day on the job.

Chloe can’t believe her eyes. She knows she put Mick’s application in the ‘no’ pile, but realising Harlow had access, she confronts her.

Harlow puts on an act, assuring her colleague that she had nothing to do with Mick’s hiring, but it seems that it is all a ruse, cooked up by Harlow in order to bring Chloe down a peg.

With Mick back in the picture and Chloe and Harlow ready to claw one another’s eyes out, someone will have to pay the price… who will it be?

Meanwhile, a date night for Hendrix (Benny Turland) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) doesn’t exactly go to plan!

After everything the couple have been through the past few weeks, it’s no doubt that when they finally get the house to themselves, they want to spend the perfect night together.

As Hendrix slaves over a beautiful meal for the pair, Mackenzie gets ready.

She’s blown away when she arrives, elated at the effort that her boyfriend has gone to in order to impress her.

As the pair settle in for a romantic night, a candle topples and begins a fire in the house.

Will the couple be able to put the fire out, or will they find their lives in danger?

Elsewhere, estranged couple Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) make their way up to Queensland for a Lassiters conference and Paul is faced with a blast from the past himself!

After 30 years, Paul comes face to face with his half-brother Glen (Richard Huggett).

Long term viewers will remember Glen was last seen in 1992 having fallen from the roof of Lassiters and winding up in a wheelchair.

Now, three decades later, he is back… but for what? Retribution? Reconciliation? Or perhaps, what he believes he is owed?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 25th October (8724)

At their first meeting with the lawyers, Aaron becomes nervous when he realises their custody battle will involve a full character assassination of Nicolette.

Paul’s making Terese very shaky and she’s on the edge of a breakdown.

Tuesday 26th October (8725)

Toadie thinks he knows what Kyle’s hiding and when he confronts Kyle with the scenario, he’s shocked by what he finds out.

Chloe finds Terese in the nick of time, pouring the wine down the sink and being there for her as a friend.

Wednesday 27th October (8726)

Things are starting to unravel for Amy and she’s soon on the outer with both her boyfriends.

Kyle’s been keeping his secret quiet, not wanting his family to know before he has a clear idea of what he’s dealing with.

Thursday 28th October (8727)

When Kyle gets the heartbreaking results of his scan, Roxy works hard to be his rock but is left feeling like she’s not doing a good job in the supportive girlfriend role.

Hendrix and Mackenzie finally have the long-anticipated talk about taking the next step in their relationship.

Felicity is not interested in having a poly relationship with Levi, meanwhile Ned is also upset with Amy and her constant focus on Levi.

Monday 1st November (8728)

Ned wants Amy all to himself, but his plan to get her to approach Felicity might just backfire.

Jane convinces Nicolette, Aaron and David to go ahead with Chloe’s idea for a family photoshoot in an attempt to promote harmony.

Tuesday 2nd November (8729)

When Nicolette reveals she’s still not prepared to honour her original promise to give them primary custody of Isla, David makes a suggestion they can all agree on.

Hendrix sets up the house for a perfect evening with Mackenzie.

When Paul offers Terese a lift home, she begins to break down under the emotional weight of being around him

Wednesday 3rd November (8730)

When Mick shows up to his first day at Lassiters, Chloe realises there’s been a huge mistake and Harlow is delighted with her ploy.

Roxy hatches a plan to bring some excitement to Kyle’s experience of depositing sperm, but it backfires badly.

As the Lassiter’s Summit in Queensland draws closer, Terese is barely holding it together while trying to avoid Paul.

Thursday 4th November (8731)

Terese arrives at the conference, turning to her flask when she learns she has to work with Paul on some last-minute adjustments to their presentation.

Chloe confronts Harlow about her hiring Mick, but she brazenly denies, leading Leo to offer a stressed Chloe her job back at the vineyard.

Paul decides to stay in Queensland for the night, but Lucy is less than thrilled.

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