Home and Away promo shows dramatic 2021 Season Finale Week

A new Home and Away promo has given us our first look at what’s in store in this year’s 2021 Season Finale, and viewers will be on the edge of their seats as a Summer Bay favourite is buried alive.

There are just two weeks and 14 episodes left until the Home and Away Season Final for 2021. The final Australian episodes of the year will air across triple bills on both Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th November, with fans treated to a bumper number of episodes as the drama reaches its peak.

Now, a brand new promo has given us an in-depth look at the storylines set to make up the final two weeks of Summer Bay action for 2021. The show will then be off the air in Australia for around two months, likely returning late January or early February 2022.

View the exciting promo in full further down the article, or keep reading as we dissect everything the trailer shows about the nail-biting final weeks of Home and Away.

Ari proposes to Mia

The promo opens with a beautiful diamond ring.

“Getting a second chance with you,” Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) begins. “Is more than I ever thought I ever deserved.”

Surrounded by Chloe (Sam Barrett), Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Theo (Ethan Browne) in the Paratas’ garden, he gets down on one knee and continues with the all important question.

“So I’m asking, will you marry me?”

Mia’s (Anna Samson) face goes through a full range of emotions as he pops the question.

But, all we want to know is, after an emotional year which has seen them suffer a heartbreaking miscarriage, buy the gym, launder hundreds of thousands of dollars, and and deal with Chloe’s dad’s unexpected arrival in Summer Bay, what will she say?

It’s not all good news for the Paratas, who are still dealing with…

The Obsessive Father

Matthew (James Sweeny) arrived in the Bay just two weeks ago, but he’s already changed the Parata family’s lives forever.

Chloe has now met her father for the first time in her 20-year life, but as yet has no idea why Mia doesn’t want her to get to know him.

“She is my daughter, and there is nothing you can do about it,” Matthew tells Ari in the new promo.

It seems he’s determined to stick around, but Ari knows what Mia has to do if she wants to stop her daughter bonding with a man she despises. “You have to tell Chloe the truth, there’s no other way.”

As we discuss in our other Season Final article here, Matthew’s battle to have Chloe in his life takes a very dramatic turn in the final week, and it looks like someone won’t make to the summer break alive.

Read more…

The Road Trip

“I’m leaving.”

That’s Felicity’s big revelation to Tane, in a short clip from the new preview.

“I’ll come with you,” is his quick response. The two are in a great place following accusations of staking and a kidnap ordeal that went down just a matter of weeks ago, and now it looks like they’re set for a trip away as they continue to bond.

“Don’t need a fire to feel hot around here,” says Felicity to her beau as he chops wood with an axe.

They’re alone, in the middle of nowhere, with only firewood for warmth.

A romantic getaway, or a recipe for disaster?

The Gift

Martha (Belinda Giblin) has been in hospital in the city ever since the gas attack at Salt which left numerous Summer Bay residents hospitalised. Now, she’s found the answer to her prayers.

“I’m a match. It’s everything we’ve been wishing for.”

Roo (Georgie Parker) is a match for a kidney and offers to donate one to Martha, the mother who, up until a few years ago, she had no idea was still alive.

“What did I do to deserve you?” Martha asks her daughter.

Is this finally the end of Martha’s health issues once and for all?

However, as the promo shows Alf takes an emotional trip to church, will everything go as planned with the transplant?

The Stunt That’s Out of Control

And now, the huge stunt that will leave a life on the line in the final moments of Home and Away for 2021.

Leo’s nephew, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), arrived in Summer Bay in early September, and it soon became clear that Leah and Justin were going to have their hands full.

His father Dimitri, Leah’s brother, had kicked him out after discovering that Theo had been scamming customers of his car dealership, and Dimitri no longer wanted anything more to do with his son.

Justin worried for his and Leah’s safety when Theo arrived back battered and bruised one afternoon, just as Tori was in the middle of an important video interview. While Theo claimed to have been car jacked, Justin suspected that there was more to it, and eventually discovered that some of the men Theo had scammed had sought revenge.

While Justin initially worried for his and Leah’s safety, concerned that the men would return for another crack, it seemed that one beating was enough to clear the slate. Theo soon settled into life in the bay, and formed an unlikely bond with Chloe (Sam Barrett) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich). Although he was a key part in the couple breaking up, Theo and the newly separated pair managed to form a friendship of sorts, spurred on by Theo’s money-making ideas.

After all, money was exactly what Ryder and Chloe needed, after their food truck explosion left them thousands of dollars in debt. So, when Theo suggested that they start uploading online pranks to the internet, hoping to gain some of that sweet advertising revenue if the videos went viral, they jumped at it.

Things started off fairly tame – their first challenge saw Ryder perched over a toilet for hours after he and Theo competed to see how many ghost peppers they could devour – but it seemed inevitable that the challenges would get more and more difficult as the weeks went on.

Recent scenes saw the pair take over Summer Bay Caravan Park to walk on hot coals, surrounded by backpackers and some of their online fans.

However, if they want it to really take off, they need to do something big.

The new Season Final promo shows that their latest challenge is for Ryder to be buried alive. The pair have dug a hole in the ground and placed a large rectangular wooden box, where Ryder is to spend the night.

“Our most epic challenge yet!”

Armed with nothing but a torch, the most basic of supplies, and a phone to film his reactions, it seems Ryder is set for a cold, dark and miserable night… but one which will all be worth it if it means he can finally pay off his La Cucaracha debt.

Yet disaster is about to strike! Will Ryder be stuck enduring more than just one night underground?

As the promo goes on, viewers are treated to a glimpse of an anxious Ryder on the phone to Theo.

“If this is a joke, it’s not funny,” Ryder says, panicking about why he suddenly can’t get hold of his fellow prankster.

However, the next shot shows an unconscious Theo, having either tripped or fallen out of a tree.

With Ryder’s makeshift coffin buried under piles of earth, and Theo unconscious, will anyone get to the boys in time?

Is that all?

Finally, the promo shows Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) speeding along the country roads behind a mystery black car which appears to be Matthew’s.

Is Matthew the driver, or someone else? What has he or she done to grab Cash’s attention?

The Home and Away Season Finale will air in Australia on 25th November.

UK viewers will see their final episode of the year on 22nd November, at 12:30pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR, with a first look on 5STAR at 6:30pm on 19th November. Read more about Home and Away’s recent schedule changes in the UK.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 15th November (7702)

Mia’s nightmare gets worse. Is there more to Felicity’s reluctance? Alf sees Marilyn’s change first-hand.

Tuesday 16th November (7703)

Felicity gives Cash an ultimatum about attending their father’s memorial. Alf’s sacrifice sees Marilyn finally agree to get help. Dean’s headspace continues to deteriorate.

Wednesday 17th November (7704)

Alf and Roo do their best to support Martha. Nikau’s first day as a lifesaver turns into a disaster. Will Justin’s warnings get through to Theo? Mackenzie is stuck in the middle of Dean and Logan.

Thursday 18th November (7705-7707)

Ryder chooses between his pride and his family. Theo answers for his mistakes. Roo and Alf spar over Martha. Can Nikau save his job?

Marilyn finds her new normal. Justin helps Theo find a new interest. Alf struggles with Martha’s approach.

Ziggy and Theo challenge one another. Logan distracts himself from the tribunal. Roo’s shocked by her mother’s reaction.

Monday 22nd November (7708)

Roo asks some hard questions. Nikau saves the day. Dean puts Ziggy in her place.

Tuesday 23rd November (7709)

Chloe tries to rebuild family ties. Marilyn realises she may lose everyone she loves. Felicity spirals while Cash is out of town.

Wednesday 24th November (7710-7712)

Tane offers his gentle support to Felicity. Mia is backed into a corner with only one option. Ari’s planning his future with Mia.

Mia tells Chloe an awful truth. Cash reveals to Felicity the nature of their father’s death. John tries to repair the broken trust with Nikau.

Bella causes unexpected problems for Mackenzie and Logan. Ziggy’s stunned to learn that Brody has had a baby. Jasmine tries to reconnect Cash and Felicity. Nikau and John extend an olive branch.

Thursday 25th November (7713-7715) – 2021 SEASON FINAL

Ari plans to ask Mia a life-changing question. Roo finds a transplant solution. Ryder and Theo’s challenge turns dangerous.

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