Home and Away promo sees Tane’s stalker make a deadly move

A new promo for Home and Away shows Tane’s stalker storyline take a dramatic turn, as a mysterious stranger launches a gas attack at Martha’s charity fundraiser.

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Ever since Tane (Ethan Browne) and newcomer Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) hooked up after a night out, Tane’s life has taken a turn for the worse.

There was certainly an initial spark between the pair, but Tane, knowing he wasn’t ready for another relationship, let her down gently when he realised she was looking for more than a casual hookup.

While Felicity seemed to reluctantly accept his decision, it coincided with Tane starting to receive ominous deliveries of single red roses – first, on his doorstep, then stuck to his car.

Suddenly, he was seeing Felicity everywhere he went. That’s normal for a small town like Summer Bay, but it wasn’t long before he began to think that his casual fling was stalking him. Even Felicity’s brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) initially thought that Tane might be right – he knows his sister and knows that she struggles with rejection, so this isn’t entirely out of character for her.

Things have come to a head in recent episodes, with both Tane and Felicity now believing that the other won’t leave them alone.

In Thursday’s triple bill of episodes, Tane was forced to go to Felicity’s club to pick up a drunken Ryder, and things almost came to blows when they came face to face in the bay the following morning. It’s been on Roo (Georgie Parker) to take Felicity under her wing and show her that Summer Bay isn’t as bad as her first impressions have made out.

Yet while Felicity insists that she isn’t Tane’s stalker, and is doing her best to avoid the younger Parata brother, it doesn’t look like things are about to quieten down.

A new promo shows things reach a crescendo next week, with lives in danger as the mysterious stalker makes a bold move.

Martha (Belinda Giblin) and the Stewart family have spent weeks preparing for Martha’s big charity fundraiser, which is aiming to raise money for mental health causes. They’re holding a  gala dinner at Salt, and, with all of the tables now sold, the night looks set to be a roaring success.

That is, until disaster strikes.  

The promo starts with shots from the past few weeks, with Felicity telling Roo that, “he thinks I’m stalking him”.

Then, the single red rose that Tane found on his car.

“It wasn’t me,” says Felicity as she passionately denies having anything to do with it.

Then, in new scenes from next week’s episodes, Felicity tells her brother that, “I don’t feel safe being on my own. I’m so over it.”

In a twist that Tane certainly didn’t see coming, Cash approaches him at the gym and hands him an interim AVO (Apprehended Violence Order). His reaction is as expected – “you’ve gotta be kidding me, right?”

“She’s the psycho,” he shouts soon after, pointing aggressively at a shocked Felicity as Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) tries to hold him back.

Then, as Martha’s fundraiser gets going at Salt, the drama really begins.

A figure, dressed in black boots and skinny black jeans, enters a back room of the building with a yellow canister full of a mystery liquid.

There’s a spray hose attached to the end, and, as she turns the knob, it begins spraying the liquid out at force.

In Salt, the guests whoop and clap as more and more money is raised for the important cause, with no idea that a toxic gas is being released above them. As the gas begins to fill the room via the air conditioning duct, the text over the promo reads “A night that’s about to turn deadly.”

It looks like Cash is set to save the day. The next shot sees him standing on a chair peering up at the air conditioning duct – perhaps he’s noticed a strange smell, or has started feeling light-headed, and realised that something is wrong.

In amongst the drama is a shot of Felicity telling a man that “he’s getting what he deserves.”

Surely she wouldn’t get her revenge on Tane by putting half of Summer Bay, and her own brother, in danger? Or perhaps she simply didn’t realise that the air conditioning vents for Summer Bay Fit and Salt are connected? Did her plan simply go too far?

Another shot sees Tane, dressed in his gym uniform, start to pass out from the effects of the gas.

He collapses to the ground and gasps for breath. Later in the promo, we see him again, lying unconscious on the ground, as another single red rose floats down on top of him.

Back at Salt, and Martha looks on the verge of passing out. However, Alf (Ray Meagher) seemingly hasn’t yet realised, as he, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) look up at Cash, as the Senior Constable orders everyone to stay away from the air conditioning vents.

Spoilers for next Wednesday’s episode state that “everyone searches for Martha,” with Thursday’s spoiler reading, “Martha is in grave danger.” Does she perhaps disappear off for a bathroom break before she fully realises what’s going on, leaving her trapped inside as everyone else evacuates?

Cash calls for a hazmat team, as the guests cover the faces with masks and fireys descend upon Summer Bay. Will they find everyone in time?

Logan (Harley Bonner) also looks on in fear outside, worried for the state of his girlfriend and owner of Salt, Mackenzie.

“How does something like this even happen?” asks a concerned Jasmine (Sam Frost).

“I don’t know,” says Cash. “But it can’t have been an accident.”

Some fans are speculating that new guest character Anne Sherman, the waitress from the club who spent the evening looking after Ryder and Chloe, could be behind the latest events.

Played by Megan Smart, she featured heavily in Thursday’s triple-bill as she managed the club’s VIP area, where the gang were celebrating Ryder’s 21st birthday.

Home and Away on Instagram (@homeandaway)

She also featured in images on the show’s Instagram, something which would be unusual for a one-episode guest character.

Anna also replied to the show’s Instagram post from her @megan__smart account, commenting: “Get ready!!! ANNE’S coming to the bay”

Jacqui Purvis on Instagram (@jacquipurvis)

Jacqui Purvis (Felicity) also took to Instagram to post a photo of herself, Megan Smart and Matt Evans (Theo) with their arms around each other. The focus on her makes us think she’s set to reappear in episodes to come – could it be that she spotted Tane when he first met Felicity in the club, and has been stalking him ever since?

Either way, it’s set to be a dramatic week as Home and Away returns to Australian screens on Monday.

UK viewers will see these episodes in late November.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 4th October (7668)

Dean has a special visitor. Mackenzie wants to be everything Logan wants. Leah finally sees Justin’s grief.

Tuesday 5th October (7669)

Ziggy doesn’t know if she can win over Jai. Cash tries to ignore his better judgement. Final arrangements of the event come together.

Wednesday 6th October (7670)

The black-tie event is in full swing. Tane’s luck is running out fast. Everyone searches for Martha.

Thursday 7th October (7671)

Tane’s life hangs in the balance. Cash can’t believe his eyes. Martha is in grave danger.