Who is murdered in Home and Away Season Final?

The Home and Away Australian season final has arrived, and it seems the Paratas are set to play a major part in proceedings, with new spoilers hinting that someone won’t survive.

What a few weeks it’s been for Chloe and Mia. Just two weeks ago, Mia (Anna Samson) received a call from an unknown number, and answering it changed her entire world.

It transpires that the call was from Matthew (James Sweeny), a man who she met at a party when she was just 16.

While the guy was initially funny and charming, things took a turn when Mia got too drunk and Matthew had to help her to bed. She didn’t consent to anything happening between them, and Chloe (Sam Barrett) was conceived as a result of an assault.

Mia, Ari and Chloe have been one big happy family… until now!

Mia went 20 years without speaking to him again, and raised Chloe as a single mother. Eventually, she met Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), and he cemented himself as Chloe’s ‘step father’. While a decade in prison put an end to that, the trio have recently been reunited and once again formed a happy and secure family.

Now, Matthew’s arrival in town threatens everything.

Mia doesn’t want to tell Chloe the truth about her conception, worried for what it will do for her mental health, but it means she can’t give her an explanation for why she doesn’t want her to get to know her father.

Chloe just wants to get to know her father

Chloe, meanwhile, is furious that Mia kept her father from her for so long, and wants to make up for lost time by getting to know him.

At the end of last week, just as Matthew was set to take Chloe for a drive, Mia and Ari confronted the pair, ending with Ari landing a punch squarely on Matthew’s nose.

In the final seconds, Matthew promised Ari that he just made a big mistake. 

Rejoining the action this week, things are at breaking point.

“How dare you do this to my family?” Mia screams at Matthew, furious at him for trying to destroy them, but equally furious with Ari for having made everything ten times worse.

Chloe, meanwhile, is now just as unhappy with Ari as she is with her mum, and is even more determined to spend time with her long lost father. Things couldn’t get any worse.

But yes, of course they can.

Matthew realises he can use the punch to his advantage. He tells Mia that he’s well aware of Ari’s stint in prison, and will do everything in his power to put her boyfriend back behind bars if she stands in the way of him seeing his daughter.

“I just want to know my daughter,” he tells her, calmly. “So either you let that happen, or I press charges and I’ll send your boyfriend back to prison.”

Yet that’s not the half of it. Last week, Matthew, who now works as a barrister and is doing very well for himself, helped Chloe by paying off her debt from La Cucaracha.

Soon, he flashes his cash again as he tries to win her over. The pair have bonded over their entrepreneurial nature, and Matthew is very impressed with the attempts Chloe has made to start her own catering company. TV Week reports that, in the final week, he suggests that she apply for a prestigious business college.

He’ll pay for the tuition fees, and, seeing an opportunity to get her away from Mia, even offers to pay for her to rent an apartment in the city. It’s the perfect way for her to hone her business skills, but would mean leaving Summer Bay far behind.

Obviously, when Chloe tells her mum the “good news”, Mia is furious. Chloe has no idea why, as she’s still completely in the dark about what happened between her parents all those years ago. All she sees is a great opportunity for her future career.

Mia and Ari aren’t willing to just stand back and let Matthew take Chloe away from them, but their attempts to keep them apart will have deadly consequences.

Ari knows that telling Chloe the truth will make her see Matthew in a totally different light, and probably get rid of him from their lives forever.

“Ari respects Mia’s choice not to tell Chloe about what happened with Matthew,” Rob explained to TV Week. “But he also wants to keep her from making decisions that may affect her wellbeing.”

Chloe initially accepts the offer to move to the city, but, in the heat of the moment, Mia finally tells her the truth. Suddenly, Chloe sees exactly why her mum and Ari were so reluctant, and her feelings change in an instant.

However, Matthew isn’t happy when Chloe starts rejecting his calls. He arrives back in Summer Bay demanding to know what’s changed, but Chloe orders him to stay away from her. He soon gets aggressive, and Mia comes across the pair in what the magazine describes as “a violent scuffle.”

Next, Matthew turns his attention to Mia, and grabs her violently, accusing her of making up the story of their night together. It seems she was right to be worried about him!

As Chloe calls for help, will Ari arrive in time to save the day? Or, perhaps Chloe will take matters into her own hands?

It has been suggested that one Summer Bay resident “will take their final breath” in the season final, which we’re now expecting to air on Thursday 25th November.

As we know that Anna Samson, Rob Kipa-Williams and Sam Barrett have all filmed episodes set to air into 2022, it seems all but impossible that any of the established Parata clan will meet their maker in the final episodes of the year.

Matthew, on the other hand…

Seven‘s ‘Upfronts’, an annual event which previews what’s to come on the Australian television network over the next year, featured a promo for the show which hinted at the major drama yet to come.

While much of it – Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane’s (Ethan Browne) battle for survival, Chloe’s stolen kiss with Theo (Matthew Evans), and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo challenging each other to walk over hot coals – have already aired in the past few weeks, two major scenes are still to come.

The short promo showed Chloe walking from the side of the Parata house to the garden, clutching a rock. As she encounters Mia, she drops it and collapses to the ground, clearly dazed and exhausted.

With the arrival of Matthew in recent weeks, and the news that he is set to get aggressive as he deals with his daughter’s rejection, it doesn’t seem too farfetched that Chloe clutching the rock has something to do with the death set to rock Summer Bay in the season finale…!

Chloe, what have you done?!

In happier news, the promo also showed Ari looking pensive as he stares at an engagement ring. Could there be at least one glint of happiness for the Paratas before the year is up?

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Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 15th November (7702)

Mia’s nightmare gets worse. Is there more to Felicity’s reluctance? Alf sees Marilyn’s change first-hand.

Tuesday 16th November (7703)

Felicity gives Cash an ultimatum about attending their father’s memorial. Alf’s sacrifice sees Marilyn finally agree to get help. Dean’s headspace continues to deteriorate.

Wednesday 70th November (7704)

Alf and Roo do their best to support Martha. Nikau’s first day as a lifesaver turns into a disaster. Will Justin’s warnings get through to Theo? Mackenzie is stuck in the middle of Dean and Logan.

Thursday 18th November (7705-7707)

Ryder chooses between his pride and his family. Theo answers for his mistakes. Roo and Alf spar over Martha. Can Nikau save his job?

Marilyn finds her new normal. Justin helps Theo find a new interest. Alf struggles with Martha’s approach.

Ziggy and Theo challenge one another. Logan distracts himself from the tribunal. Roo’s shocked by her mother’s reaction.

Monday 22nd November (7708)

Roo asks some hard questions. Nikau saves the day. Dean puts Ziggy in her place.

Tuesday 23rd November (7709)

Chloe tries to rebuild family ties. Marilyn realises she may lose everyone she loves. Felicity spirals while Cash is out of town.

Wednesday 24th November (7710-7712)

Tane offers his gentle support to Felicity. Mia is backed into a corner with only one option. Ari’s planning his future with Mia.

Mia tells Chloe an awful truth. Cash reveals to Felicity the nature of their father’s death. John tries to repair the broken trust with Nikau.

Bella causes unexpected problems for Mackenzie and Logan. Ziggy’s stunned to learn that Brody has had a baby. Jasmine tries to reconnect Cash and Felicity. Nikau and John extend an olive branch.

Thursday 25th November (7713-7715)


Ari plans to ask Mia a life-changing question. Roo finds a transplant solution. Ryder and Theo’s challenge turns dangerous.

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