Home and Away 2022 Spoilers – All the Australian drama for next year

Australian Home and Away viewers are about to watch the final episode of the show for this year. With around two months to go until we’re back in Summer Bay, we take a look at everything we know about what’s coming up in 2022.

The show comes to an end in a huge season finale which sees Ryder buried alive, Theo knocked unconscious, and a murder that nobody expected. It now takes its usual summer break, and will likely return to Australian screens in late January or early February next year.

Most of these spoilers have come from filming spotted by fans, tidbits from actors’ social media, or photos taken by the press. While we think everything is accurate, very little has been officially confirmed by the show.

When is Home and Away back in 2022?

UK viewers have five and a half weeks to wait until Home and Away returns for 2022. The show fully returns to Channel 5 and 5STAR on Monday 3rd January 2022, with the first look airing on 5STAR on Friday 31st December.

When does Home and Away return in 2022?

Home and Away returns to the UK and Australia in early 2022

As for Australian viewers, you’ve got a little bit longer to wait, with the show off the air for two whole months.

The show’s Aussie return date hasn’t yet been announced, but it’s likely to be at the end of January or beginning of February 2022.

What happens to Chloe?

The dramatic showdown between Chloe (Sam Barrett), Mia (Anna Sampson) and Matthew (James Sweeny) left us on the edge of our seats in the final moments of the year, with the repercussions set to last well into 2022.

Chloe smashed her father across the head with a rock after a tense struggle, killing him instantly. Mia drove off with the body in the back of her car, and, when Cash went to pull her over on the road out of town, she drove off at speed.

Talking to The West Australian about the finale, Sam said: “What comes from this event is a snowball effect. It’s a pretty pivotal moment in Chloe’s life.

“Everything will kind of come back to this, and what happens, so it’s a really huge thing. And yeah, it really is quite shocking.”

Exactly what will happen as a result of Matthew’s death remains to be seen, but recent filming suggests that Chloe and Mia remain in Summer Bay well into 2022, suggesting that Chloe avoids a jail sentence.

As for Matthew’s fate, well, James Sweeny hasn’t been spotted filming at Sydney’s Palm Beach, the real-life home of Summer Bay, over the past few months, suggesting he isn’t going to wake up alive in the back of the boot.

Does Ryder survive?

The season finale left Ryder (Lukas Radovich) panicking and gasping for breath as he found himself buried alive, while his partner in crime Theo (Matt Evans) endured his own battle to survive.

The pair have been taking part in more and more daring challenges over the past couple of months, as they simultaneously try to out-compete each other and impress Chloe (Sam Barrett).

It started out fairly tame – beginning with a chilli-eating challenge – before slowly gathering pace. Before long, their videos began to take off on social media, and the viral sensations had to get creative to come up with challenges sufficiently exciting to keep their fickle fans entertained.

Their most recent challenge was the most deadly, and has left both of their lives on the line.

The challenge saw Ryder buried in a box in the ground, with a phone camera capturing his reactions and live streaming them to their fans.

However, things took a dramatic turn when Theo managed to knock himself unconscious, leaving a panicked Ryder crying out for help. Will anyone find him before the oxygen runs out?

When we return to Summer Bay in early 2022, it’s a race against time for the boys’ survival.

Thankfully, it seems that both are set to make a full recovery, and somebody must manage to dig Ryder up in time. Courtney Miller, who plays Bella, recently posted a snippet of a script on Instagram, which confirms that Ryder will be in the show until at least the middle of next year.

She posted a snippet of a script for Episode 7780, which was being filmed on 22nd October. The scene features Bella, Nikau (Kawkawa Fox-Reo) and Ryder playing a game of poker, with the visible snippets telling us that something had been “transformed into a poker table”, and that someone’s “hands are stacking up.”

It sounds like Bella is struggling to get to grips with the game, as she questions “Why am I doing it…?” and Ryder seems to be assuring her that practice is the key to improving.

Soon after, she folds, but it seems like she didn’t realise she had a great hand, as Ryder asks: “[What did you do]…that for? You had a…”

Ryder and Chloe in happier times, before Theo’s arrival

A hand-written note a the top of the script reads “Chloe didn’t / doesn’t show for her surprise”.

There’s no visible mention of Theo in the script, but Matt Evans posted to Instagram in late October as he filmed a driving scene alongside Sam Barrett, and, as one of the newest additions to the show’s regular cast, we’re not expecting him to meet his untimely demise just yet.

Jasmine takes a break

In early November, Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine, took to Instagram to announce that she would be off-screens in early 2022 due to a medical procedure.

The former winner of The Bachelor Australia, Sam found herself embroiled in controversy in October 2021, when she posted an Instagram video announcing that she hadn’t been vaccinated. She removed her social media account after a heavy backlash, only reinstating it a number of weeks later.

Soon after, Seven Productions, the studio behind Home and Away, announced that they had decided “to only engage those who are fully vaccinated”.

This led to speculation from press and fans alike that it could bring Sam’s time on the soap to an end. However, a few days later, Sam took to Instagram again, posting that she would be getting vaccinated after a medical procedure, and would be temporarily written out of the soap:

I’m not leaving Home & Away

I’ve got a medical procedure booked in for January. So I won’t be fully vaxxed until mid-late February.

I will be written out temporarily, Jazzy is going on an off-screen adventure for a few weeks… but I’ll be back ❤️

My bosses are amazing, we’ve been in open communication for months. Very grateful we were able to make a plan that works for everyone

It’s not yet known how Jasmine will be temporarily written out. However, with Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian’s (Ditch Davey) recent departure to London, taking baby Grace with them, our bets are her jumping on a flight to visit them for a couple of weeks.

Xander’s arrival

It was recently announced that Luke Van Os is joining the cast of Home and Away as ‘Xander’.

Luke Van Os joins Home and Away as Xander in early 2022

Luke is the cousin of Home and Away alumnus Chris Hemsworth, who played Kim Hyde from 2004 to 2007, before heading to Hollywood.

While we don’t know very much about his new character, the press release accompanying his casting described Xander as “a mysterious individual who arrives in the Bay searching for answers”.

While that could describe many characters arriving in Summer Bay, it has also been hinted that he’s the relative of a Summer Bay favourite – but who?

Paparazi photos taken by The Wash at Sydney’s Palm Beach show Luke filming a number of scenes alongside Nicholas Cartwright (Cash) and Sam Frost (Jasmine), as well as fellow newcomer Kirsty Marillier (Rose). Flick through the Instagram photos above to see them.

Jasmine went through the foster care system during her childhood, as did recent new arrivals Cash and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis). With Xander seemingly set to grow close to at least Cash and Jasmine, could the new character be one of their long-lost relatives?

Luke filmed his first scenes in mid-October, meaning we’re expecting him to make his first appearance in early 2022.

Rose’s arrival

Copyright Nicole Schumacher

Hot on the heels of Xander is fellow new arrival Rose. Played by Kirsty Marillier, she’s also set to appear on Australian screens in early 2022.

We know even less about her character than we do about Xander, but it seems the newcomers will stick together. A scene filmed within the last few months saw Xander and Jasmine walking along the beach deep in conversation, with Cash and Rose following closely behind.

Lusty Logan?

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Logan (Harley Bonner) have become one of the bay’s hottest couples since they got together earlier this year. However, their happiness could be at risk, with paparazzi photos from Palm Beach capturing actor Harley Bonner filming kissing scenes with another woman!

The mystery woman is Neve Spicer, played by Melissa Bonne. We know nothing of her identity, whether she’s someone from Logan’s past or a newcomer in the beachside town, but we’re not expecting Mac to be best pleased when the newcomer starts kissing her boyfriend.

Linsten Management

The shots of Harley locking lips with another woman came just days after he was last spotted getting intimate with Emily Weir, who plays Mac, suggesting that both women will be objects of his affection at the same time.

Is he cheating on poor Mac, or is Home and Away about to take a leaf out of Neighbours’ book and explore a polyamorous relationship? Only time will tell.

Another shock for Logan

It seems Neve isn’t the only other woman in Logan’s life.

A new promo aired after the final episode, showing happy times ahead for many of our Summer Bay favourites. However, there was a shock in store for one resident, as a blast from their past showed up.

“Hey stranger,” said a mysterious woman, as she walked up behind Logan near the beach.

He looked startled as he turned around, before saying “it is you!”

While we know nothing of this new arrival, it looks like she’s set to get in trouble with the law, with another clip showing her sprinting across the grass with Cash following close behind.

Just who is she, and how does she know Logan?

Cash and Jasmine stay together

It may not be the juciest of spoilers, but considering Jasmine’s recent spell of bad luck in the love department, it’s worth a mention.

The pair were spotted filming romantic scenes together in mid October, suggesting that they’ll be together well into 2022.

Will Cash finally provide Jasmine’s “happily ever after”?

Summer Bay says goodbye?

Back in October, a cast member posted an Instagram video of a scene being filmed in the Paratas’ garden, which was later reposted by Sam Frost.

The short clip showed James Stewart (Justin), Sam Frost (Jasmine), Shane Withington (John) and Nicholas Cartwright (Cash) seemingly on a break between filming, as extras and cast members stand around.

Social media has been in a frenzy ever since the video was posted, with the dark clothing leading many to believe that they’re filming a wake. If that’s true, it leaves the big question of which Summer Bay favourite is set to bow out next year?

Could a Parata say goodbye in 2022?

The fact it was filmed in the Parata garden narrows down the potential departees quite significantly.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo has since been seen filming in recent months, and was also mentioned in the script that Courtney Miller (Bella) posted to Instagram at a later date. While scenes are often filmed out of order, meaning this isn’t a guarantee that they weren’t filming Nikau’s wake, it makes the odds much slimmer.

Anna Sampson (Mia), Kawakawa Fox-Reo (Nikau), Ethan Browne (Tane) and Courtney Miller (Bella) were also all spotted on set during a Home and Away Location Tour at the start of November, suggesting they will all be on screens well into the new year.

Which leaves Ari. Rob Kipa-Williams hasn’t seen spotted by fans or paparazzi filming exterior scenes for a number of months, nor has he posted any behind the scenes videos on social media, something he used to frequently do.

While it’s still just speculation, fans are growing increasingly convinced that we may be saying goodbye to Ari at some point in 2022.

Will Mia and Ari make it down the aisle?

It wouldn’t be Home and Away if we didn’t get a good wedding at some point in the year.

The 2020 season saw Alf (Ray Meagher) marry Martha (Belinda Giblin) for the second time, after they spent 30 years apart. Then, just a few months ago, we said goodbye to Tori and Christian after their intimate wedding in the Morgans’ garden.

Will next year be the turn of Ari and Mia? As with Alf and Martha, the two endured a long time apart, after Ari spent a decade behind bars. They’re now back together and more in love than ever, and the final week saw Ari propose, and Mia accept.

However, with the Paratas’ future in the balance after the dramatic showdown in the final minutes, will the loved up pair manage to make it down the aisle?

That’s it for now!

The show usually drops a number of promos across the Christmas break, gradually feeding us more glimpses of the year to come, and we’ll be keeping Back to the Bay up to date throughout the next two months with any new spoilers.

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