Home and Away Spoilers – Emmett Ellison returns

New photos from the set of Home and Away suggest that photographer Emmett Ellison will be heading back to Summer Bay in 2022.

Emmett and Mackenzie at the exhibition in the city

Emmett, played by JR Reyne, formed a key part in one of the biggest storylines of 2021 – Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) ill-fated venture into modelling.

He was one of Sienna Blake’s (Rose Riley) top photographers, freelancing for her modelling agency and helping to craft the shots that would see Nikau rapidly become one of the industry’s hottest models.

Emmett and Bella soon struck up a close bond

As part of the agreement to get a reluctant Nikau on board, Sienna agreed to give Bella (Courtney Miller) an apprenticeship with the fashion photographer.

It was the perfect way for her to gain some real-world photographic experience, and Sienna knew that Nikau would never let his girlfriend miss out on the chance to advance her career.

Bella soon embraced the job, enjoying her new position even more than Nikau, who initially struggled to adapt to the world of modelling.

Eventually, Emmett revealed to Bella that Sienna only gave her the apprenticeship to get Nikau on board. The news that her appointment had nothing to do with her photographic talents hit Bella hard. Worse still, her mentor soon warned her off the industry entirely, worried it would suck the life out of her creative desires.

However, she decided to stick around as his apprentice, and the two formed a close bond.

Emmett saw a huge amount of talent in Bella, and he soon secured them a joint exhibition, with a small pre-show taking place at Salt a couple of weeks before a final glitzy show in Sydney, which was filled with the industry’s top movers and shakers.

La Cucaracha’s explosion threatened to end Emmett’s career

When La Cucaracha, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) Mexican food truck, exploded the day after the pre-show, Emmett suffered flash burns to both eyes, putting his entire career in jeopardy.

Thankfully, after a few weeks of eye patches and dark glasses, Emmett’s sight returned.

Shortly after, he was was headhunted by a top New York agency, who invited him to move to the states. It was the opportunity of the lifetime, and he knew he had to take it. However, he kept the news from Bella until after their exhibition, knowing another setback would break her heart.

Emmett eventually departed for a new job in New York

He was last seen in late July (early September in the UK), departing for America ready to take on the new position in New York. Before he left, he promised Bella that if she ever needed anything – “a reference for a gallery, a couch to sleep on in NYC” – he would have her covered.

Soon after, Bella decided to give up photography entirely, with it reminding her too much of Nikau’s betrayal.

It was only in the last couple of weeks of the year that she worked up the courage to pick up a camera again. She decided to start her own freelance photography business, with the Surf Club as her first client.

She and Nikau seem ready to leave the past behind them and continue as if their modelling adventure had never happened. However, that will be easier said than done, as it seems Emmett is set to return to the bay next year.

‘Yup, still raining’. JR has been at Sydney’s Palm Beach recently – is he back filming?

In the last week, actor JR Reyne took to Instagram and posted a photo which shows him back at Palm Beach, the beach in Sydney’s north where the exterior shots of Summer Bay are filmed.

He is seen under a large umbrella, wearing a blue jumper and white jacket. A GIF overlaid on top shows a raincloud and text reading, ‘Yup, still raining’,

While it’s entirely possible that JR returned to set simply to catch up with his former colleagues, it seems more likely that we’ll see Emmett return to Summer Bay next year.

Just a few days later, Instagram account @theking.j.r posted another photo of JR on set. This time, he was wearing the same black leather jacket that characterised Emmett, giving weight to the idea that the character will be back in the new year.

Will Emmett’s return be part of a departure storyline for Bella?

But why is he back? Some fans are speculating it could spell the beginning of the end for Bella – will he return to offer her the job of a lifetime in New York?

What for him and Mackenzie? They had a brief but passionate fling, and, while Mac’s instability following her breakup from Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) soon spelled the end of their romance, the two were on good terms by the time Emmett eventually left.

With spoilers for next year suggesting that Mac’s new boyfriend Logan (Harley Bonner) is set to kiss another woman, as well as reunite with someone from his past, could the two scandals leave the door open for a Mackenzie and Emmett reunion?

Emmett’s potential return is just one of many major developments happening in the new year.

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Home and Away returns in 2022.