Oz Preview – She’s Back!

Episodes 6626-6630
Monday 27th to Thursday 30th March 2017

Fan favourite Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) returns to Summer Bay next week, as John Palmer (Shane Withington) starts to prepare for his trial.


As Marilyn runs around trying to organise things, she asks Alf whether Morag would be able to act as John’s defence lawyer, but John then informs Marilyn that there’s no way they’d be able to afford Morag’s fees.

Disappointed, the couple are appointed a Legal Aid lawyer, Lachlan Piers (Warwick Allsop) but it’s clear from the offset that they’re not really on the same page.

John explains the story about the brain tumour to Lachlan, who tells John ‘Oh we’ll plead insanity’ followed by a wink” Shane explained to TV WEEK. “They immediately think ‘Is this the right person?‘”

Thankfully help is on hand when a dismayed Marilyn tells Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Roo (Georgie Parker) of their frustration, and a call is put in to Morag to help, whatever the cost. But when Morag arrives, she makes it clear that it’s not going to be an easy job…

Of course it doesn’t take long for Morag to also start involving herself with some other business—namely a mystery man who Roo has been seeing. With Irene and Marilyn already gossiping, it doesn’t take long for Morag to sniff out Roo’s ‘younger man’, James Mayvers (Tim Ross), and start interrogating him!


Morag was last seen in early 2016, when she came to the bay to represent Zac when he was under suspicion for the murder of Charlotte King.

BTTB first reported that Morag would be returning in a professional capacity last year, and we expect her stint to last around 4-5 weeks.

For other storylines and a full rundown of what’s to come over in the next couple of weeks, as synopses become available, visit our Australian Spoilers page.

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